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Friday, October 25, 2013

Fusion Murex Shell and Sea Fan Coral Ring

Fusion Shell and Sea Fan Coral Ring
A Murex Shell with Sea Fan Coral fused into the design now becomes part of my Fusion Collection.

I hand sculpted the shell in jewelers wax and then carefully carved out the sea fan coral as though the two were meant to be together.

Made-to-Order - Please allow 3-4 weeks to ship.

Note: This is one of my high-end adjustable rings but before it ships, I will set the ring in your size.

Materials: Sterling Silver
Finished: Polished and Oxidized
Item Number: DV-FSR-SS
Price: $300.00

Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Fan Coral Earrings

Sea Fan Coral Earrings
Fan Coral Earrings
These are going to make awesome Fan Coral Earrings! They will have a left and right earring with ear wires. The Fan Coral piece is 1.5" tall and 5/8" wide cast in solid Sterling Silver and then polished. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Verace Showcases my Nautical Collection

St. John, US Virgin Islands

I just received some really great pictures from one of the owners (Julie) at Verace in St. John US Virgin Island. They mainly carry my Nautical Collection but look how beautiful their store is...I'm going to have to add a pillow to my chair just so that I can sit a little taller in my chair.

I can't wait to do that Trunk Show!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Seahorse Ring

Personally, I think this is some of my best work!

It was absolutely a joy to sculpt this little guy and have never had so many request to resculpt a piece. This is a one-of-a-kind ring but I do plan on resculpting him with a smaller pearl.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sterling Silver Starfish Ring Up Side Down Ring

Sterling Silver Starfish Ring Up Side Down Ring - Adjustable!
Available to Ship August, 8, 2012 (see note below)

I'm pretty sure this little guy was posing for the camera. That one little tentacle standing up with a flip at the end is just a tease but I also love the second photo showing the side of the ring...that's just cool. I really love sculpting starfish rings, I feel they come alive when I start roughing out my wax...the personality starts coming out immediately. I laugh when I see my Starfish creations...I'm a grandmother and yet, I think starfish tentacles are cool!

Also, because I make jewelry that is a bit weighty, I can make good adjustable to change the size you'll need to put a little finger muscle into it. So please add your ring size (close as possible) and I will size your ring prior to shipping.

This piece can be blackened like my other Starfish Ring at:
Starfish Ring - Blackened
...I personally love both concepts, silver and blackened. Just send me a convo with your preference.Sizes Available: 5-9 (showing a 9)
Materials: Solid Sterling Silver 92.5 Tarnish Resistant Sterling Silver
Free Priority Shipping & Tracking.
Please Note: Due to Studio Move and Vacation,

this item is available to ship Aug. 8, 2012



Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stingray Ring

Stingray Ring

Sterling Silver Stingray Ring - Adjustable!
Available to Ship July 31, 2012 (see note below)

I was working on a three foot glass Stingray when I thought, this would make an awesome ring design so I started Goggling Stingray rings, and guess what?...they were not many out there, actually I found ONE! Totally different than mine but I was blown away by the popularity of the Stingray...but hardly any rings were out there available to purchase, well anyway, I started sculpting my wax model and now it's here. 

One cool thing that I've been doing for several years now, is making my rings adjustable. I don't make lightweight rings so making adjustable rings works great. To adjust them you need to get a good grip to tighten the ring or loosen the ring so please give me a ring size if you can so that I can adjust the ring on my metal mandrel before I ship. 

This is also a great middle finger ring

Size: Wing Span is 1 3/8" wide
Sizes Available: 5-9
Materials: Solid Sterling Silver 92.5 Tarnish Resistant Sterling Silver
Free Priority Shipping & Tracking.


Visit my online shop for more views.

Please Note: Due to Studio Move and Vacation, this item is available to ship July 31, 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ocean Reef Dog Tags

A little play on the Dog Tag idea...

...I was working on a Ocean Reef project when this popped into my head,
I just couldn't move forward until I sculpted this piece.

In's pretty cool.
I plan on casting this one which will be available in Sterling Silver and then by sculpting different Corals, Starfish or adding a stone, each Ocean Tag will be unique.

Available for pre-ordering on my online shop.


Size: Overal Height 2" high by 7/8" wide
Materials: Solid Sterling Silver
Free shipping & tracking as always.
Chain not included.

Note: Available to ship July 31, 2012

Friday, September 30, 2011

Ocean Fusion

Fusion Starfish Cuff
Fusion will be available
November 1, 2011

Fusion Starfish Ring
                In 1968, noted trumpeter and composer Miles Davis produced an album entitled “Miles in the Sky” incorporating electric instruments in a combination of jazz and rock elements to form a slick, smooth, and elegant jazz sound with a rock rhythm. They called it Jazz Fusion, and the name stuck! Since then many noted music artist have been noted for their contribution to Jazz Fusion.  Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Santana, Cream, Blood Sweat and Tears, Chicago, Steely Dan, Frank Zappa to name a few.
                In 1983, Wolfgang Puck, said to be a Pioneer of Fusion Cuisine, opened Chinois of Santa Monica. Known for creating Asian dishes using California’s fresh and accessible produce, combined with French Culinary Techniques, where you can find such savory dishes at “Whole Sizzling Catfish with Ponzu Dipping Sauce” or “Mongolian Lamb with Cilantro-Mint Vinaigrette.
                In 2011, Dawn Vertrees Jewelry Designer melded the design of Fan Coral with that of a Starfish, or form a bracelet like none other you’ve ever seen! Yes, she’s taken the Fusion idea to a new level.  Cast in Sterling Silver, this striking bracelet exhibits mirror polished fan coral seemingly cloaking a smooth tectured starfish that’s slipping out from under it. The bracelet fits on the wearer’s arm as if it found it’s way there while scuba diving in the Caymans.  Or is it off a ledge near Punta Bunda, Mexico. It means something different to each viewer, but one thing’s for sure, its awesome fusion!
Don Vertrees

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two New Cuffs - UPDATED!!!

Two New Cuffs...

Bamboo Cuff
14K yellow gold & rose gold bamboo leaves
on sterling silver
Ocean Reef Cuff
Sterling Silver Fan Coral with 14k yellow gold
plate & cup coral

Finished Cuffs!!!

Sterling Silver & 14K Yellow Gold
Bamboo Cuff

Sterling Silver & 14K Yellow Gold
Ocean Reef Cuff

Thursday, March 26, 2009

...a little nautical

Abalone Shells don't normally create a pearl but this one did. So I sculpted coral around the pearl
which created a shadow box, so inside this colorful shell I added a 14K Starfish to add to it's mystery. This is a very rare one of a kind pendant.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sterling Silver Coral

I guess by living in Florida for 8 years it has made me aware that we are losing our reefs.

After a few snorkeling trips, I have found that our coral reefs are one of the most beautiful and visually impressive habitats on earth, swarming with life with an abundance of color, they are just amazing.

I guess by living in Florida for 8 years it has made me aware that we are losing our reefs.

After a few snorkeling trips, I have found that our coral reefs are one of the most beautiful and visually impressive habitats on earth, swarming with life with an abundance of color, they are just amazing.

Quick Facts: Coral reefs are among the most biologically diverse and productive ecosystems on earth. Hosting hundreds of different species, one square kilometer of healthy reef can produce food for 2,500 humans per year.

Tiny animals related to jelly fish and living attached in colonies of millions build up the massive reef structure by secreting calcium carbonate, the same chemical material of limestone and marble, to form a protective outside skeleton. Coral reefs flourish in warm, clear, shallow waters of tropical oceans worldwide.

The highly productive coral reefs provide significant benefits to the human population. The reefs are sources of food. They are a major source of sand as they erode. As buffers, they provide protection to coastlines from waves and currents. There is increasing interest in reef species as sources of biologically active compounds for medical drugs.

But for the past 30 years there has been significant decline in coral reefs from massive hurricane damage, plus a number of other factors mostly caused by human action have led to the deterioration of the reefs. Over-fishing, sedimentation, the increase of nutrients in the water and a large scale die-off of Diadema, the black sea urchin (sea egg), have been identified by the researchers as being among the major causes of the decline of coral reefs.

The growth of large algae (seaweed type marine plants), if not kept in check, smother existing coral and prevent coral larvae from settling to form new colonies. The algae are kept under control by herbivorous organisms which graze on them. The parrot fish, a Jamaican dinner delicacy, is one of the most important grazers, and over-fishing of parrot and other reef species allows the algae to flourish. Blast fishing using dynamite kills living coral and does damage to the physical structure of the reef.

Sea urchins (sea eggs) are also important grazers on the reefs. Between 1982 and 1984 there was a mass die–off of the black sea urchin, Diadema, from a disease which attacked only that particular species. The Diadema population fell a hundred-fold and has not recovered. So algae flourish on the reefs.

Sedimentation leading to turbid water conditions also blocks coral growth. The coral polyps share a symbiotic relationship of mutual assistance with microscopic algae living in their cells. These algal partners, as plants, need sunlight for photosynthesis. Sedimentation from land run-off reduces sunlight.

Peter Edwards and Tatum Fisher identify sewage and agricultural fertilizers as the major sources of nutrient-supplying pollution affecting coral reefs. Additional nutrients mean additional growth.

...My vision with this new line is to bring awareness to our Coral Reefs and to donate a portion of the sales to an organization to support long term restoration.

Once these pieces are completed, I will locate an organization that help coordinate a donation program ...if anyone can give me a name of an organization, please e-mail me this information and I will be more than happy to post the results.