Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sea Shell Cuff - Murex Shell Art

The Murex Shell
My Inspiration Piece
Known for their spectacular frills and spines, you can see why I was drawn to this piece,
the design and texture are pretty awesome.

My husband and I both saw a cuff in this shell and it was just a matter of finding the time between sketches and casting to sculpt a new piece.

I think you can see where I'm going with this, before I added the holes it looked more 
like a Sea HareSo I quickly cut out the holes and photographed it. 

I have a couple of projects I'm working on today, but in the morning I should have more of the ridges and points carved into this piece, right now I'm still building the wax up.

Day 2 Progress

I think you can see where this is going...
...this is where "silver" sheet wax would come in handy for visualizing this peace before spending a week carving on this ugly green wax.

Day 3
Not much I can say, still carving away but at this point I'm starting to bond with the piece and I'm starting to add character...this was someones home, it has history.

Friday, July 27, 2012

My Side Kick Lexi

Just finished fine tuning 7 pieces to cast on Tuesday, my cat is exhausted!!!

...now look closer 

Such a drama queen, I think she's telling me it's 5 o'clock NOW!

Green Sea Anemone

On the National Geographic website this morning and I am now eyeing the Green Sea Anemone photographed by Jens Troeger ...but why not, look at this photo... It's oozing with personality and it's saying, I'm your next RING!!! 

Thank goodness for great photographers! Because this in my opinion is a great pic!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Sterling Silver Whale Tail Rings

Whale Tail Ring

Extreme Whale Tail Ring...my Favorite!
I started yesterday morning sculpting a whale tail ring (one on the right)
and before I could finish, I started on the middle one, while
both were still in the rough, I started on a third Whale Tail Ring. 
Hmm, I'm thinking a cuff is needed.
I love the look of this one, the larger whale tail is the moms
and of course the smaller Whale Tail is her baby. I like a little story about
my pieces while I sculpt them.

I'll try to finish these up today and start the casting process on Tuesday and then add them to my Etsy Shop.

All three are adjustable! Love that part!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Too Precious To Wear Pledge

I know there are a lot of wonderful designers out there that visit my blog, so why not take the time to take the coral pledge and show your support not to purchase our precious corals to use in jewelry, clothing, decor or accessories.
Hand Sculpted
Sea Fan & Starfish
Take the Pledge Here

For today's happy Friday we're showing ocean love to coral with this snapshot from inside our office. The striking coral design on these hand fans created for the Too Precious to Wear campaign keep you cool in the heat, which is just what corals need. Climate change and ocean acidification are putting excessive pressure on corals and the global trade of coral isn't helping either. One small thing you can do to prevent corals from deteriorating is to pledge not to buy or sell any coral or coral products. Take the coral pledge and show your support: www.seaweb.org/TPTW/pledge.php

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Coupon Sale! 10% OFF plus Free Shipping

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Lost Objects Dogwood Cuff

Dogwood Bracelet
Sterling Silver with Natural Stones
My husband and I just moved back to North Carolina and while unpacking the boxes, he found a satin bag with about 15 pieces of some of my original work from 2007-2008 when I was working under a Master Jeweler.

With each piece I sculpted he would turn into a lesson, this one was setting stones and showing me how to make a hinge for my bracelet. Volker would teach me how to make good jewelry, techniques from the past to the present.

For more information as well as other piece I have added, check out my Etsy Shop for 5 additional pieces from the past.

Friday, July 6, 2012

New Thank You Cards

My New Thank You Cards Personalized!

I went shopping today for new cards.
I wanted a pretty card just to thank you for purchasing my jewelry but I was
looking for something that I could also personalize,
So went into Michaels, just to see what they had.

I saw stamps, ribbon, Zot Dots (?) a lot of stuff from Martha Stewart, stickers, markers, cutters, and puncher to make cute flower cards...but not me.

So I grabbed the ribbon, tissue, grabbed some blank cards, and about 5 markers and I was out of there but still clueless.

Sat in my studio (my cat is eyeing the ribbon) ...I love sketching, love designing, so I thought...I'll sketch out a quick
Jewelry design and sign it for my customers. Inside I can add my notes...

I hope my customers like them, I like them...it's just me.

*The design is actually based on my very first sketch, a style I have used many times to create my asymmetrical necklaces.

2007 Art Clay World Contest Piece and its production.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tree Frog Pendant - LuLu

I should post more of these but this one was so special to me and 
I think once you read it, you'll agree.

Dearest Dawn,

I just received Lulu and she is truly magnificent !!!!
My daughter and I are speechless. I have many frog pendants but this one is a 
true work of art.

Hibiscus have a very special meaning to me and now I have 2 of the works of 
art from Mother Nature combined.

I feel like you created Lulu just for me. (egocentric as that sounds)

She will be appreciated and loved.

Thanks so much!

J. in Texas

LuLu has a good home in Texas!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Third Hand for Sculpting

Sculpting in soft wax has its pluses and minuses. The plus, I love sculpting wax rather than carving hard wax with a Flexshaft that sounds like a dentist drill, annoying when you're trying to design.

Now the Minuses, because most lost wax artist, carve their waxes instead of sculpting them, they have a nice selection of tools to choose from including Turret Holders for their metal mandrels.

As a "soft wax sculptor" (that's my new title) I don't need an iron mandrel because I don't bang on wax. Fabricators bang on metal so they need a heavy mandrel plus a steady holder...I just need a holder. Plus, wood mandrels are awesome, it's lightweight and to be honest, I like the design in the wood, kind of earthy.

Another pet peeve of mine...Wolf Carving Waxes that have a Gold Color instead of the traditional ugly green & blue sheet and wire waxes that I use. My customers could visualize their jewelry a lot better if I could show them their sculpted jewelry in gold wax.

BUT, thank goodness I have a husband who's very handy with the tools & wood. He has built so many tools, holders, and benches for me. 

Work Bench Vise

What am I working on? My new Starfish and Fan Coral Cuff Bracelet

And this is Lexi, she is my Lynx Point Siamese Kitten,
always there to lend a hand.