Tuesday, June 30, 2009

St. Petersburg Times "Bay Magazine"

June Issue
Tampa Bay Magazine
Isn't she beautiful!

Our Tampa Bay Magazine is out!

I was blown away by this. Don & I came home from a large art show and normally I do not go straight to my e-mails (due to lack of brain cells after a 4 day show) ...but I did anyway.

When I saw the e-mail from the Bay Magazine editor...I quickly scanned over the e-mail, couldn't believe my eyes and told Don to read the e-mail and let me know if it was as good as I thought it was...AND IT WAS!!!
The St. Petersburg Times was wanting to look at adding my big bold silver pieces to their article on elements of copper, brass, silver & gold...what an honor! My pretty pieces were going to a very prestigious magazine.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ghost Orchid Pendant

Just finished a small quantity of
Sterling Silver Ghost Orchids...finally!
Tomorrow, I'll add them to my website.
Thanks for waiting.

New Leaf Band

Blue Topaz Leaf Band
This ring is so comfortable...if I wasn't getting ready to design my own ring, this would be it!
I am also making this leafy ring using a 5mm round Citrine and purple Amethyst.

New Lemon Quartz Vine Design

I have been sitting on this stone for a while now but the design finally hit me while in Winston-Salem at a convention. It was the perfect stone for trying out my new Vine Design.

I'm not particular fond of the tradition straight line settings that most stones sit in...especially since I don't care for straight lines in the first place.
My father has always told me that nothing in nature grows straight, so I sculpted this ring as if the vines were holding the ring up and my leaves were holding the stone down.

Well I'm happy to say...I'll probably never go back to a straight setting again. I think it came out beautiful...

Vine Setting

Laser Cut Lemon Quartz