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Friday, June 29, 2012

Sterling Silver Starfish Ring Up Side Down Ring

Sterling Silver Starfish Ring Up Side Down Ring - Adjustable!
Available to Ship August, 8, 2012 (see note below)

I'm pretty sure this little guy was posing for the camera. That one little tentacle standing up with a flip at the end is just a tease but I also love the second photo showing the side of the ring...that's just cool. I really love sculpting starfish rings, I feel they come alive when I start roughing out my wax...the personality starts coming out immediately. I laugh when I see my Starfish creations...I'm a grandmother and yet, I think starfish tentacles are cool!

Also, because I make jewelry that is a bit weighty, I can make good adjustable to change the size you'll need to put a little finger muscle into it. So please add your ring size (close as possible) and I will size your ring prior to shipping.

This piece can be blackened like my other Starfish Ring at:
Starfish Ring - Blackened
...I personally love both concepts, silver and blackened. Just send me a convo with your preference.Sizes Available: 5-9 (showing a 9)
Materials: Solid Sterling Silver 92.5 Tarnish Resistant Sterling Silver
Free Priority Shipping & Tracking.
Please Note: Due to Studio Move and Vacation,

this item is available to ship Aug. 8, 2012



Saturday, September 10, 2011

Matching Starfish Ring


Starfish Ring in wax and only half finished, still chunkie looking but it's going to be awesome!
In my opinon...when it's cool looking in wax and fits the finger's going to be awesome.

The three legs curve under the finger and the other two legs create an "S" on top of the finger.
It will have the same dot texture as the Starfish Cuff.
...more later.