Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Hand Cut Rough 7 ct 14k Rose Gold Twig Statement Ring, Gemstone Solitaire, Engagement Ring, Anniversary Ring by Dawn Vertrees

Engagement Rings
Hand Faceted and Hand Sculpted
Twig Engagement
or Statement Ring
Each Twig design was created in wax to mimic twigs with tiny branches holding a artistically hand cut aquamarine in our studio.

This is a beautiful 7 carat artistically hand cut Aquamarine from our rough gemstone collection. Each gemstone is cut in our studio in which we follow the natural shape of each stone instead of the traditional faceted cuts. I wanted to create the ultimate one-of-a-kind hand cut and sculpted ring.
Engagement Rings
A True One-of-a kind
Engagement Ring

The twigs and band are cast in 14k Rose Gold with textured bark markings.

Our Refined Gold and Gemstones are both Cruelty-Free.

The Aquamarine is 17mm x 12mm and is exactly 7 carats.

Band measurement is 19mm long x approx. 13mm wide at the top and 2.5mm at the bottom base of the ring.

The ring size is currently a 7.25 and can be resized.

Your ring will come with a black velvet pouch and a black ring box. 

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Monday, February 25, 2019

Hand Sculpted Twig and Leaf Pendant, Rough Uncut Diamond Pendant, Unique Necklace Pendant by Dawn Vertrees

Engagement, Anniversary, Birthday Rough Diamond Necklace
14k Rose Gold Rough Diamond
Twig Pendant

Hand Sculpted Twig branches holding a 1.5 carat rough diamond. This necklace was designed to match my Twig and Leaf Collection.

Additional Pictures, Prices, Click Here.

Hand sculpted Twig Pendant in solid 14k gold with a beautiful raw diamond.

Material: 14k Rose, White or Yellow Gold w/ 16" and 18" chain available.
Stone: Rough Uncut Diamonds are approximately 1.40 carats - 1.75 carats
Cruelty-Free Diamond
Larger Rough Diamonds

Hand sculpted twig rough diamond necklace
Hand Sculpted
Twig Necklace

Matching Earrings:

Matching Ring:

Your necklace comes with a black velvet bag.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Artistically cut rough gemstone with hand sculpted Twig and Leaf designs by Dawn Vertrees

Ruby, Sapphire, Emeralds and More!

Most people are surprised to hear that rubies,sapphires, and emeralds have been found in North Carolina. They are even more surprised when they learn that there are about a dozen locations in North Carolina where anyone can look for gemstones and keep anything that they find.

Gem materials found in North Carolina include aquamarine, beryl, citrine, emerald, garnet, moonstone, rose quartz, ruby, sapphire, smoky quartz, staurolite, topaz, tourmaline, and many others. Members of the North Carolina Legislature declared emerald the state's official gemstone.

Partially cut Rough Gemstones for Wedding Rings, Anniversary Rings, Birthday Rings, Promise Ring  Amethyst found in   Catawba County, NC
Amethyst found in
Catawba County, North Carolina
A small piece was taken from this North Carolina Amethyst Crystal and was artistically hand cut for me. It absolutely blows me away seeing something so beautiful in its crystal form and then artistically cut to give me a beautiful gemstone for me to sculpt my wax around it.

Cutting our own stones have taken my designs full circle, with hand cut stones and hand sculpted designs using the lost wax method.

This gives new meaning to one-of-a-kind creations. Each stone is cut based on the rough gemstones organic shapes. The shape of the stones dictate how the gemstones are cut...we simply just follow the lines.

Rough Amethyst
Artistically Hand Cut

These stones will not have the traditional common features such as a crown, girdle, and pavilion. They will not be calibrated or cut for a set size. I am looking for fewer cuts on these gemstones so that they would work with my organic designs.

Not being calibrated means that each design will have to be hand sculpted around the stones each time. No two designs will look alike.

The primary material will be 14k and 18k Yellow, White and Rose Gold which is Cruelty-Free and refined here in the US.

The wax model I am sculpting below is only partially completed. It will be my first
Hand Sculpted Twig
using the lost wax
design using our new gemstones.

Once the wax model is completed, it will be cast in 14k Yellow or Rose Gold and the amethyst will be set afterwards. The twigs will become the prongs.

This ring would make a beautiful Engagement Ring, Anniversary Ring or just simply a Fashionable Statement Ring.

Once completed it will be available on Etsy. You can email us at or just contact us through Etsy, you'll see that button on our front page.

We will start production this week on additional stones starting with Aquamarines, Morganites and Peridot.

Once into full production we will be adding these new designs at our sister store in Newton, NC to purchase. Additional Information will be coming soon.