Friday, June 14, 2013

Etsy Wholesale - Accepted!

Etsy Wholesale

Awesome news today, Etsy purchased Tumblr to create a Wholesale Marketplace for small businesses like mine to be seen by wholesale buyers. I put my application in and I was accepted! 

Etsy is still in the Beta mode, gathering up artisan who want to go wholesale and fit their profile, so it will be exciting to see the unveiling of this new Wholesale Website from Etsy! I will keep you updated on the new site!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fan Coral Necklace with Starfish

Fan Coral and Starfish Necklace

Dawn Vertrees Starfish Earrings

New Starfish Earrings

I love these Starfish Earrings, they are about an inch wide (tip to tip) 
and hang from one tentacle 
which make these elegant beachwear jewelry!

Available in Post & Ear Wires

Cheeca Lodge Signature Gift Shop - Exclusive Seahorse Collection

Pictures of Cheeca Lodge & Spa - Resort Photos
Cheeca Lodge

Cheeca Lodge Signature Gift Shop in Islamorada, Fl not only carries my Nautical Collection, but we have developed a line of Seahorses for Cheeca!

Meet ChiChi

Available at the Cheeca Lodge & Spa

This photo of Cheeca Lodge & Spa is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Verace Showcases my Nautical Collection

St. John, US Virgin Islands

I just received some really great pictures from one of the owners (Julie) at Verace in St. John US Virgin Island. They mainly carry my Nautical Collection but look how beautiful their store is...I'm going to have to add a pillow to my chair just so that I can sit a little taller in my chair.

I can't wait to do that Trunk Show!