Friday, January 14, 2022

Lost Wax Artist - Dawn Vertrees of DV Jewelry Designs


Lost Wax Casting

Lost wax casting is a 6,000-year-old process still used in both manufacturing and fine art. 
The precision and accuracy of the process have made it an ideal method for producing objects with intricate details, and close tolerances.

Hand-sculpted wax models created to be cast using the ancient process called the Lost Wax Casting.

The wax model I sculpt using soft green, purple or blue wax is duplicated into solid metals such as 
14k or 18k Gold by using the casting process. 

My original wax jewelry models are all made by hand using a variety of tools that I have found over the years that fine tune the details in my leaves, branches and wood textures. Using this process also includes my choice of soft waxes which allows me to control my designs plus allows me the undercuts I feel my organic designs need to look more realistic.

This new design below is available to be cast in your choice of 
14k or 18k Gold in Yellow, White & Rose Gold.

3.20ct Crystal Rough Diamond
Each leaf drape over the diamond 

The stems wrap around
the edge of the diamond.
Details including additional pictures and prices are available,
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Here are a couple of photos of the rings I have made which have sold or available:

Leaf, Twig & Berries Wedding Set

Monday, January 10, 2022

One-of-a-Kind Leaf and Twig Engagement Ring, Partially Hand Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond

Engagement Ring
One-of-a-Kind Leaf and Twig
Engagement Ring

Handmade Item

Ships from a small business in North Carolina

Materials: 14k & 18k Rose, White or Yellow Gold

Gemstone: Partially Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond

Raw Natural Stone

Gem Color: Black

Band color: White Gold (shown)

Recycled Gold


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Partially-Cut Diamond Leaf & Twig Engagement Ring

One-of-a-Kind Jewelry

Each Diamond is partially hand cut specifically for the customers needs. 

Material: 18k White Gold stamped (shown)

Diamond Weight: 2.5ct  Diamond Color: Clear/Black Color

Top Width: 9.43mm   Bottom Band Width: 2.87mm

Each Ring or rings are made-to-order and hand sculpted, This ring has sold but I can hand sculpt another ring in 14k or 18k Gold with a partially-cut diamond.

This ring comes with a cute little tote and a ring box.

Dawn Vertrees Jewelry...Elegance Uncut.

DV Jewelry Designs

Lost Wax Engagement Ring
Hand Sculpted Wax Model