Monday, August 20, 2012

Ocean Reef Martini Glasses

Ocean Reef Martini Glass
Another Design Request...I'm going to make these for myself.

This Martini Glass is made up of Fan Coral, Sea Weed (just a little at the base) 
Plate Coral and two types of branch coral. 
The base, stem and bottom of the glass is all Sterling Silver, 
only the top part is glass. 

September 4, 2012 Update

Slight change to the top, I like this better.

Sorry for the dirty glass, wax is a bit oily.

Still all in the rough but it's coming along nicely.
Sept. 5th.

Just added up the weight and converted it to silver...OUCH!!!

Here is the new design....

...much lighter and I like it better.

And I love the flow to the base of the glass.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update: Twig Cuff #1

Hand sculpted branches and tiny vines make up this back to nature design.

I love nature themed jewelry because it takes my mind to another place instantly, just one look at this cuff reminds me of the dogwood trees that line the edge of our forest.  I'm anxiously waiting for the small leafless trees to start budding in the spring. Once they start to bloom, the tiny flowers resemble delicate white lace that trims a cold black forest, an excitement that leads to the beginning of spring.

True to nature, I've included little vines on my cuff and although vines do not grow on our dogwood trees, they live together in nature. In NC, we have a large sweet grape called a Muscadine Grape Vine. Once winter comes and the leaves drop off the Dogwoods, you'll notice that these vines have had a grand time sharing space with our trees. Little curly vines wrapping themselves around the branches as if they grew together trying to catch the warm rays of spring. 

So, if you look at our Dogwood Trees quickly while heading down the highways, no, they do not bear fruit even though it may look that way.

For more information as well as addition photos, 
please visit my online store at Etsy.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Single Whale Tail Ring

I love this Ring!

I call this a ring a "Ring and a Half"

The cool thing about this ring is that it's a high quality adjustable ring.

Seahorse & Pearl Design

Seahorse with Pearl
Design Request

Sterling Silver Seahorse with a Rhodium Finish and a 16.5mm Tahitian Pearl,
I would love to see an antique finish on this ring.

Day 1

Thought you might like to see 1 day in the sculpting process.
It's taking shape and I'm getting a bit more confident that he will have tons of personality once completed.

You are not seeing the whole picture, I removed his pearl and the part of his tail that holds it close to him. He's very tiny, my customer loves big rings but only has a size 5.5 finger...
anyway, more later.

Shell & Fan Coral Pendant Design

Shell & Sea Fan Design
I worked so hard on this design but yet I draw a dorky starfish on it...
sometimes I wonder about me.

I love textures and colors so I choose a satin finished shell with black 
Rhodium Fan Coral with a solid 14k yellow gold Starfish.