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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Starfish and Sea Fan Coral Ring Hand-sculpted by DV Jewelry Designs

This starfish and sea coral ring is a unisex wedding band that celebrates the ocean and the beach. It's a perfect accessory for a beach wedding.

Beach Wedding Band

Starfish and Sea Fan Coral Ring - Unisex Ocean and Beach Style Wedding Band - Beach Accessories by DV Jewelry Designs

Total Ring Height: Approx. 3.75mm

Overall Ring Length: Approx. 10.00mm

Bottom Band Width: Approx. 7.5mm

Hand sculpted using the Lost Wax Method.

Click here for Additional Pictures & Prices

Fusion is a unique jewelry style I created in 9/8/2011. It's where I fuse two entities together that would normally never be considered as part of a single design.

My original design, Fusion Starfish and Fan Coral Design was Registered with the Library of Congress Copyright Office on March 21, 2013

Registration Number: VA 1-866-481

Each design I create is hand-sculpted in jewelers wax by me and is made in North Carolina.

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Men's Sea Fan Coral Wedding Band - Ocean Life Collection

Wide Fan Coral Band

Unisex Sea Fan Wedding Band

Hand sculpted fan coral band with plenty of room to add starfish tentacles, etc...

Updated Concept

This Sea Fan Coral design will be available for modifications such as adding a Starfish, Starfish Tentacles, diamonds and gemstones.

I will be posting the wax modeling next week.