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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Seahorse & Pearl Design

Seahorse with Pearl
Design Request

Sterling Silver Seahorse with a Rhodium Finish and a 16.5mm Tahitian Pearl,
I would love to see an antique finish on this ring.

Day 1

Thought you might like to see 1 day in the sculpting process.
It's taking shape and I'm getting a bit more confident that he will have tons of personality once completed.

You are not seeing the whole picture, I removed his pearl and the part of his tail that holds it close to him. He's very tiny, my customer loves big rings but only has a size 5.5 finger...
anyway, more later.

Monday, March 31, 2008

New Asymmetrical Necklace in Lemon Quartz, Citrine & Amethyst

Asymmetrical Design using Amethyst

This has been an amazing designs that I created a while back. I gave it to one of my Galleries and within a couple of weeks it was sold. Since then I have had several request for this piece so I decided to bring it back in Amethyst as well as Citrine and Yellow Quartz.

I designed a new necklace based on the original Asymmetrical Necklace plus I designed a smaller version of the "A" Necklace using Amethyst & Citrine Brioletts and Faceted Stones shown below.

Asymmetrical Design using Lemon Quartz

The "Leaf Section" of the above "A" designs are 2 1/2" and Argentium Sterling Silver 925
In each design including the smaller Asymmetrical Designs below, the Clasp is in the front of the necklace instead of in the back which is usually impossible to attach plus you can adjust the length with a catch we have behind the stem in front. This is the most versatile necklace I have ever designed.

Asymmetrical Design (smaller version) using Amethyst
All the same features of the larger Asymmetrical design have been incorporated into the smaller design.

Asymmetrical Design (smaller version) using Citrine
Smaller Asymmetrical designs leaf section is 1 7/8", the briolettes are adjustable.
For additional photos, please e-mail or call me for front & back photos.
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Phalaenopsis Orchid Necklace is FINISHED!

She's Finished!
This piece is a Limited Edition Only. It will be 1 of 12 and this piece is Number 1. The Orchid Necklace, 2 of 12 is in Brazil. It was given as a gift by my mentor, Volker Kracht, a Master Jewelry & Artist who hand delivered the piece.
I am anxiously waiting his return to find out more about the one on the receiving end. I will keep you informed.
This was a design I've had for about 1 year...but procrastinated because I knew that the cost & time for making the first one would be I wanted to put a few more projects under my belt before I started sculpting this necklace. Once sculpted & cast, it took us more than 5 months to complete this necklace.
Now about this necklace: It has incredible accurate detail and was designed to wear comfortably. I have taken this piece to my Botanical Show last week and everyone who tried it on was amazed on how light the necklace was...and when they did try it on, the look on their face was priceless. It was as though they had stepped out onto the red carpet.
It has 3 Phalaenopsis Orchids, 17 buds and 33 leaves.
Each leaf in the necklace has movement, making this necklace flexible and adjustable, allowing us to add or remove leaves to adjust the length for a custom fit.
The necklace is Argentium Sterling Silver 925 and is stamped and has the "DV" logo. The Clasp is a very strong hidden clasp and was beautifully hidden under the leaves.
I am in the process of finishing up the matching "Phala" Orchid Bracelet and Ring.
Leaf Earrings are available in two different sizes.
As always, additional photos are available or visit my Ruby Lane Shop for additional Photos.
You can always Call or E-mail me for additional Information.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sterling Silver Cattleya Pierced Earrings

These earrings are adorable. Only 7/8" across with the detail you would fine in the original Potinara Susan Fender Cattleya found on the front cover of the The World's Most Beautiful Orchids by Greg Allikas & Ned Nash.
These earrings have post for pierced ears.
8 total grams of silver
Cost $89
Now Back In Stock

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hand Sculpted Phalaenopsis Orchid Pendant

Phalaenopsis Orchid

From the Greek Phalaina (meaning "moth") and opsis (meaning "appearance")
I sculpted this Orchid from a book called "Growing Successful Orchids" by Mark Isaac-Williams. The orchids name is called P. "Little Hal" so it's only fitting that we give credit to the grower of this beautiful orchid and call it "Little Hal"

This pendant brings elegance to my new Orchid Collection.

This orchid is available in Sterling Silver although it can be ordered in 14kt or 18kt Gold. Pendant measures 1 1/4" x 1. 1/4"
The 18" Chain is a 2.6 mm Sterling Silver Byzantine Chain made in Italy.

I hand Sculpted each Orchid using the method called Lost Wax which allows me add the detail I want in each piece.
This Pendant can be purchase without the Chain.

Small Pendant: 1.25" Pendant with 18" Byzantine Chain
This Pendant is available without the Chain.
Pendant Only Cost: $89.00
Click on link to purchase this piece or e-mail me to reserve one.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Custom Designs

How I start a Custom Design...

I'm in the process of designing a new Bangle for one of my clients. I was asked to design a new bangle based on one of my smaller bracelets sold in my Ruby Lane Shop. Here is the letter I received...

...This bracelet is wonderful, as are all of your designs. Can you give me an idea of what kind of ballpark $$ on having 2 and/or 3 of these made? I would like the sterling and differences in individual designs. I really like heaver jewelry.I would want you to choose the particulars of the appearance. I am not opposed to stones, patination, use of and inclusion of different metals, etc. Please forgive me for my endless questions and be assured that as this would be a purchase for my use, there would be no time constraints. Thank you for the help and I hope this is and will be a beautiful season for you.

Based on my original Leaf Bangle and her request, I designed this bangle for her. I was planning on 2 or 3 bangles like the one I designed to the right but each having their own unique design.

I like the design but was concerned about her width after further discussion. She was looking for a Bangle that was about 2" if not wider so I redesigned this bangle to one large bangle instead of three.

This (to the left) is just one bangle measuring 2.25" wide. I want to use several stones that sit next to the stems. Some of the stones that I'm considering 5 or 6 stones such as Citrine (yellow), Amethyst (purple), Topaz (blue), Tourmaline (Pink)

I would like to also incorporate 14K or 18k into this bracelet. Possible gold surrounding the stones.

But to get an accurate price, sometimes you have to spend a little more time on the piece. So I'll take you on one of my projects from start to finish.

At 9:45 am I started to lay out the stems for this bracelet. The process I use is called Lost Wax. I actually sculpt wax to make the piece. At 6:45 pm...this is what I had. It's only half finished but this will give me a good idea about the weight, cost and of course, how the bracelet will look once cast in Sterling Silver.

I have a lot of shipping to do today but I will continue to form this piece tomorrow so that I can get a weight from the wax to converted to the weight in silver.

I hope all of you find this interesting, I personally think it's all pretty amazing!

Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow! I will be starting another project at the same time. This is an amazing piece that has a wonderful story behind it.