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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Seahorse & Pearl Design

Seahorse with Pearl
Design Request

Sterling Silver Seahorse with a Rhodium Finish and a 16.5mm Tahitian Pearl,
I would love to see an antique finish on this ring.

Day 1

Thought you might like to see 1 day in the sculpting process.
It's taking shape and I'm getting a bit more confident that he will have tons of personality once completed.

You are not seeing the whole picture, I removed his pearl and the part of his tail that holds it close to him. He's very tiny, my customer loves big rings but only has a size 5.5 finger...
anyway, more later.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Made to Order Calla Lily Cuff - Sketch

Calla Lily Cuff
Beautiful flowing Calla Lily Cuff with two leaves, one slightly covering the lily and the other tucked under the lily, each design of mine is hand-sculpted in wax before cast in sterling silver.
Each piece is then finished with a high-end polish for a quick cleaning.

The finished piece will be 3/4" wide (Lily and Leaf width) smallest width will be 1/4" cuff band.
This piece will be a Limited Edition of 20 which will be signed plus a Certificate of Authenticity will come with each piece.
I will make a mold of the piece but for only 20, this way I can spend the necessary time to sculpt the original. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and will spend weeks just sculpting the wax. I look at every piece as though I would wear it.
Below I have posted one of my Calla Lily Necklaces so that you can get a good idea about the work I sculpt plus my finishes.

Options: This piece is priced based on Sterling Silver.  If you would like to add gold accents, please e-mail me for a quote based on current gold prices. A Rhodium and Yellow Gold Plated are also optional, please e-mail me for additional cost.
Note: This cuff is "M A D E - T O - O R D E R" and process of my wax will be photographed and posted weekly so that you can see my's a pretty amazing process that I don't mind showing you.
Sizing your Cuff: Please indicate your wrist size in the "Note to Seller" box, I will customize the cuff to fit you by adjusting the wax before casting. A soft measuring tape wrapped around the wrist above the bone will give me an accurate measure of your wrist.
Shipping: All items are shipped by USPS Priority Mail (USA) with Insurance plus Confirmation to track the package for delivery if necessary. All paid by me.

This cuff will be based on my Calla Lily Necklace (shown below)
This necklace is also a pre-ordered piece,
please e-mail me for the current price.