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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update: Twig Cuff #1

Hand sculpted branches and tiny vines make up this back to nature design.

I love nature themed jewelry because it takes my mind to another place instantly, just one look at this cuff reminds me of the dogwood trees that line the edge of our forest.  I'm anxiously waiting for the small leafless trees to start budding in the spring. Once they start to bloom, the tiny flowers resemble delicate white lace that trims a cold black forest, an excitement that leads to the beginning of spring.

True to nature, I've included little vines on my cuff and although vines do not grow on our dogwood trees, they live together in nature. In NC, we have a large sweet grape called a Muscadine Grape Vine. Once winter comes and the leaves drop off the Dogwoods, you'll notice that these vines have had a grand time sharing space with our trees. Little curly vines wrapping themselves around the branches as if they grew together trying to catch the warm rays of spring. 

So, if you look at our Dogwood Trees quickly while heading down the highways, no, they do not bear fruit even though it may look that way.

For more information as well as addition photos, 
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Kudzu Cuff Bracelet - One Special Cuff for Becky

Whew! And She Loves It!!!

It's almost finished, a bit of last minute fine tuning
before we cast this piece. The first one will be cast in
Sterling Silver and antiqued (patina) to give it depth.
Becky's will be specials, we'll be adding a bit
of gold to hers plus a little something she asked for. 
If possible, I always like trying the piece on my
I already know this cuff is going to be
number one rule is that if the wax looks good, then
the finished piece will look awesome.
Still in the rough but I thought you might like to see
another view or two...
And now my third set of leaves. I've spent about
30 minutes just getting them proportioned correctly.
I sculpted a smaller set of three leaves and attached them
next to the larger set.
Once I've layed out my vines...Kudzu have awesome
vines, I start adding my leaves once sculpted and textured.

The piece of wood in the background, that's an instant reminder of how
I want my groves to go in my vines.
Here I am gearing up to start sculpting the Kudzu leaves. 

The leaves are very unique so I want to make sure
I have them right. Drawing out the design a couple of times makes it easy to start sculpting the leaves.
You're working out the design in your head as well.