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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Too Precious To Wear Pledge

I know there are a lot of wonderful designers out there that visit my blog, so why not take the time to take the coral pledge and show your support not to purchase our precious corals to use in jewelry, clothing, decor or accessories.
Hand Sculpted
Sea Fan & Starfish
Take the Pledge Here

For today's happy Friday we're showing ocean love to coral with this snapshot from inside our office. The striking coral design on these hand fans created for the Too Precious to Wear campaign keep you cool in the heat, which is just what corals need. Climate change and ocean acidification are putting excessive pressure on corals and the global trade of coral isn't helping either. One small thing you can do to prevent corals from deteriorating is to pledge not to buy or sell any coral or coral products. Take the coral pledge and show your support:

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sterling Silver Branch Coral Ring

Sterling Silver Branch Coral Ring

Today I signed a pledge not to use Real Coral in my jewelry. In my earlier years I used real pink and red corals, but since I have started my Ocean Collection, I have gained a deep respect for our oceans.

Too Precious To Wear" was a pledge started by SeaWeb.Org .
Jewelers and Designers such as Tiffany's, Lilly Pulitzer, Stephen Webster, Nicole Miller, Me&Ro, and now me, we pledge not to use real corals. See the whole list here:

Corals need your help. Found throughout the world, these animals are threatened by climate change, ocean acidification, pollution and increasingly, consumer demand. Reducing the impact on precious, deep-sea coral varieties that frequently are used for jewelry or decorative objects is one area that can easily be addressed by conscientious consumers and those in the jewelry industry.

There is hope. By refusing to use real coral in jewelry or home d├ęcor, we can help protect these species. By exercising your right as a consumer, designer or jewelry retailer, you can reduce the pressure these species face, allowing their populations to recover.

Now, about this ring...My designs are free-form, I re-create nature and nature is not symmetrical. My father, a wild life painter always told me, nothing in nature grows straight. So I have combined two types of branch corals in this ring.

Also, because I make jewelry that is a bit weighty, I can make good adjustable to change the size you'll need to put a little finger muscle into it. So please add your ring size (close as possible) and I will size your ring prior to shipping. Reserve your Branch Coral Ring in our shop here Today!

Sizes Available: 5-9 (showing a 9)
Materials: Solid Sterling Silver 92.5 Tarnish Resistant Sterling Silver
Free Priority Shipping & Tracking.
Please Note: Due to Studio Move and Vacation, this item is available to ship
Aug. 8, 2012