Friday, July 6, 2012

New Thank You Cards

My New Thank You Cards Personalized!

I went shopping today for new cards.
I wanted a pretty card just to thank you for purchasing my jewelry but I was
looking for something that I could also personalize,
So went into Michaels, just to see what they had.

I saw stamps, ribbon, Zot Dots (?) a lot of stuff from Martha Stewart, stickers, markers, cutters, and puncher to make cute flower cards...but not me.

So I grabbed the ribbon, tissue, grabbed some blank cards, and about 5 markers and I was out of there but still clueless.

Sat in my studio (my cat is eyeing the ribbon) ...I love sketching, love designing, so I thought...I'll sketch out a quick
Jewelry design and sign it for my customers. Inside I can add my notes...

I hope my customers like them, I like's just me.

*The design is actually based on my very first sketch, a style I have used many times to create my asymmetrical necklaces.

2007 Art Clay World Contest Piece and its production.