Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Orchid Charms

YAY, I have Orchid CHARMS!

...phalaenopsis, ghost orchids, lady slipper, cymbidium and my favorite, a cattleya.

Along with the individual charms, we have created necklaces, post earrings, charm bracelets, and rings.

Materials: Sterling Silver 92.5

Charm Necklace with 18" or 16" Chain $69

Charm Post Earrings: $69

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Plumeria Designs - UPDATED!

I'm in a Plumeria mood again...I actually designed this piece in porcelain about 2 years ago but because I've been so busy with my orchids I haven't had a chance re-visit this design in wax.

I really like this design and plan on making several versions of this pendant.

This design will have an enhancer on the pendant so that you can clip it over an existing Chain, Omega, Pearls or Wire.

More than likely this pendant too will have a 5 or 6mm round Citrine stone set inside the plumeria.

If your not familiar with me or my work, I'm a lost wax artist and each piece will be cast in Sterling Silver.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hibiscus & Buds

Argentium Sterling Silver Oval Necklace with Hibiscus & Buds growing around the oval rings.

My teacher, Mr. Volker suggested this ring type design to me but because I could not visualize the outcome, I sat on it for 3 months but then because I trust his instincts, I sat down and sculpted the little rings. I imagined vines growing on the rings jumping from one link to the other.

Well to my surprise...this little guy is one of my best sellers. We have made earring and pendants based on this design and everyone just loves this design.

I have had so many wonderful comments on these pieces at our show, just thought I would show all of you blogger.

Full Circle Necklace: $365 (top)

Circle Pendant with Enhancer: $135 (bottom)

Earrings: $89

Sterling Silver Coral

I guess by living in Florida for 8 years it has made me aware that we are losing our reefs.

After a few snorkeling trips, I have found that our coral reefs are one of the most beautiful and visually impressive habitats on earth, swarming with life with an abundance of color, they are just amazing.

I guess by living in Florida for 8 years it has made me aware that we are losing our reefs.

After a few snorkeling trips, I have found that our coral reefs are one of the most beautiful and visually impressive habitats on earth, swarming with life with an abundance of color, they are just amazing.

Quick Facts: Coral reefs are among the most biologically diverse and productive ecosystems on earth. Hosting hundreds of different species, one square kilometer of healthy reef can produce food for 2,500 humans per year.

Tiny animals related to jelly fish and living attached in colonies of millions build up the massive reef structure by secreting calcium carbonate, the same chemical material of limestone and marble, to form a protective outside skeleton. Coral reefs flourish in warm, clear, shallow waters of tropical oceans worldwide.

The highly productive coral reefs provide significant benefits to the human population. The reefs are sources of food. They are a major source of sand as they erode. As buffers, they provide protection to coastlines from waves and currents. There is increasing interest in reef species as sources of biologically active compounds for medical drugs.

But for the past 30 years there has been significant decline in coral reefs from massive hurricane damage, plus a number of other factors mostly caused by human action have led to the deterioration of the reefs. Over-fishing, sedimentation, the increase of nutrients in the water and a large scale die-off of Diadema, the black sea urchin (sea egg), have been identified by the researchers as being among the major causes of the decline of coral reefs.

The growth of large algae (seaweed type marine plants), if not kept in check, smother existing coral and prevent coral larvae from settling to form new colonies. The algae are kept under control by herbivorous organisms which graze on them. The parrot fish, a Jamaican dinner delicacy, is one of the most important grazers, and over-fishing of parrot and other reef species allows the algae to flourish. Blast fishing using dynamite kills living coral and does damage to the physical structure of the reef.

Sea urchins (sea eggs) are also important grazers on the reefs. Between 1982 and 1984 there was a mass die–off of the black sea urchin, Diadema, from a disease which attacked only that particular species. The Diadema population fell a hundred-fold and has not recovered. So algae flourish on the reefs.

Sedimentation leading to turbid water conditions also blocks coral growth. The coral polyps share a symbiotic relationship of mutual assistance with microscopic algae living in their cells. These algal partners, as plants, need sunlight for photosynthesis. Sedimentation from land run-off reduces sunlight.

Peter Edwards and Tatum Fisher identify sewage and agricultural fertilizers as the major sources of nutrient-supplying pollution affecting coral reefs. Additional nutrients mean additional growth.

...My vision with this new line is to bring awareness to our Coral Reefs and to donate a portion of the sales to an organization to support long term restoration.

Once these pieces are completed, I will locate an organization that help coordinate a donation program ...if anyone can give me a name of an organization, please e-mail me this information and I will be more than happy to post the results.

New Stones...

I have the most wonderful gem guy from Hobe Sound, FL ...he came by our booth in Sarasota this past weekend and dropped off a few of my favorite stones which include Citrine as well as Aquamarine, pear shaped Blue Topaz and a trillion cut Garnet .

I have already started sculpting with these and I'll post the results later today.

If you are interested in a one-of-a-kind design using any of these stones,
please email me.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Collector's Choice" Award

What an honor!

I won the "Collector's Choice" Award at the Craft Art 2008 Show. and I couldn't have been more surprised! The show was put on by the FLORIDAcraftsmen, Inc. this past weekend.

What an honor to have this ribbon hanging in my booth.

The show was so professionally was just wonderful being there. I was amazed that I was among some of the most talented artist I've had the pleasure to talk to, it was just an inspiration being there.

Also, my hat off to all of the volunteers who helped, not only were they there helping to organizing the event (as well as us) but offering us coffee in the morning and water in the afternoon...they certainly spoiled Don & I and we look forward to next year.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Well it's time I sculpted a new Orchid...I've been to a few Orchid shows and this little guy stole my heart.

Psygmorchis pusilla is an ephemeral species often found growing in orange groves in Belize. The small fan-shaped plants usually last only a few years...another good reason to sculpt this beautiful Orchid.

I will use the roots as the bail and balance the fan shaped leaves, bud & flower asymmetrically.

I think it will (I hope it will) be a favorite among Orchid growers.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Pretty Little Daisey Ring

...far from finished but by the time I get this one finished, I'll have to cast it and
get it off to the cute couple waiting to get married.

I still have to add her wedding band plus create a band with the same theme
inside the carved channel ring.

The cute story about this ring is that the couple went to NC mountains to find their precious stones to fill each Daisey. She was very excited about her idea she came to me with her sketches and if I had a scanner, you would have seen those as well but they were good enough to where I did not have to sketch this one, she knew exactly what she wanted.

Cute story...just thought I would share this one with you.

Friday, November 7, 2008

New Lady Slipper Earrings - Finally!

Too Cute!

These are some of my latest editions to our Orchid family. These little
Lady Slipper Orchid Charms are 3/4" or 18 mm tall and are hanging from our handmade ear wires.

We are making these little charms into Ear Wires (as shown) Post Earrings, plus I have also designed bamboo hoops in which the lady slipper hangs beautifully.

We have created 5 new charms which include our Lady Slipper, Cattleya, Phala, Cymbidium and a Ghost Orchid.

These are on my Ruby Lane Website, for more information, please click here.

New Cattleya Orchid Pendant

This is one of my new "Susan Fender" Cattleya Orchids with a 7mm white freshwater pearl.

When I sculpted this orchid I new it was the perfect size pendant or brooch for a pearl so I left a little space to cradle a either a black or white pearl. Once the pearl was set, the texture in the orchid as well as the little flips I added to the edges makes this an elegant piece to pass down to the next generations.

Because I'm a huge fan of the Enhancer(clip on the back), we have soldered one of our larger enhancers to the back of the pendant. You can add this pendant to an existing set of pearls or to an Omega Chain up to 7 mm wide.

I have added this pendant below to a set of my pearls. I personally thing it perks up a beautiful set of pearls.

Pendant with Pearl: $225
With 17.25" Pearls: $329

This piece is currently spoken for!