Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hibiscus & Buds

Argentium Sterling Silver Oval Necklace with Hibiscus & Buds growing around the oval rings.

My teacher, Mr. Volker suggested this ring type design to me but because I could not visualize the outcome, I sat on it for 3 months but then because I trust his instincts, I sat down and sculpted the little rings. I imagined vines growing on the rings jumping from one link to the other.

Well to my surprise...this little guy is one of my best sellers. We have made earring and pendants based on this design and everyone just loves this design.

I have had so many wonderful comments on these pieces at our show, just thought I would show all of you blogger.

Full Circle Necklace: $365 (top)

Circle Pendant with Enhancer: $135 (bottom)

Earrings: $89

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