Sunday, October 26, 2008

Key West Collection

My Key West

The Orchids are by far (in my mind) the most unique flower of all and the tropical leaves are by far the most unusual as well, each having their own uniqueness and all a pure pleasure to sculpt.

But I think I'm finally seeing a pattern in me, I enjoy seeing the whole tropical thing together as if I was on a tropical island looking in. I enjoy looking at my jewelry and seeing a vein wrapping around the bamboo while a hibiscus flower is nudging its way through trying to find his spot to shine.

...anyway, I hope you see my jewelry as a place where you can escape too.

I wanted a pendant that is bold, like my cuff so I was off to my drawing board to sketch out a solution. What I didn't draw but was in my head was that hibiscus peeking out between the leaves and to make up for that, I wanted her to shine in 14KG. (
I think she was very happy with that).

Once sculpting I decided that I did not want a bamboo oval with all the leaves
crowded inside, although if you look at it you would think that's exactly what I did but if you look closely you'll notice that the leaves make up the circle.

I also wanted the leaves to have height so I cupped the leaves which gave additional depth to the piece.

For more information about this piece, please click here.

Again, thanks for looking!

Bamboo & Phalaenopsis Orchid Pendant

New Bamboo & Phalaenopsis
Orchid Pendant

Every chance I get, I try to wear this necklace. It has an oriental feel to it that I just love. In one sitting I drew up three designs, this being one of them but so far, this is my

I sculpted the pendant in wax, earrings at this time were not in my head so I started by making a bamboo frame and then it was a no brain-er...a small orchid fit perfectly inside.

I haven't finished the earrings but I think you can get a pretty good idea from the wax.

This is a new collection that I introduced earlier called the Orchid Spray, not sure if the name is sticking though, might have to work with that one a bit.

Here is the new pendant completed, this one is in Argentium Sterling Silver but we will be introducing the SS with 14KG Orchids & Buds.

For more information about this piece, I have added it to my Ruby Lane Store at: Bamboo & Orchid Pendant

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tropical Cuff, My New Key West Collection: Update

Whew! Never thought this day would come. This design has been in my head ever since I visited the Florida Keys a couple of months ago and now, it has finally spilled out onto my paper.

Funny, it only took about 30 mins. to draw but yet it has been a 2 month design in progress in my head. The last two pieces of the puzzle in my mind was the Bamboo & the Stone in the middle but even while drawing it out, the stone changed over from a semi-rough gem to a gold hammered disk with silver palms running over the disk and the gold bamboo holding everything in place.

I want two or three different styles of earrings, one incorporating the gold disk and one showing just the philodendron leaf.

The Philodendron Slider has already been designed in is already in the works.

This cuff will be an absolute delight to sculpt!

Update! I will start the casting process in the morning (June 24th) and so far this piece is definitely has the two thumbs up from both master jewelers who work with me. The hammered dist will start out in Sterling Silver but I have decided to make all three hibiscus flowers in 14k will be stunning! More to come...

It's here...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Iris for Laetitia...UPDATED!

While down in Islamorada at one of our shows, Don & I met a wonderful couple. They were in the process of working out their wedding details and had no clue about what jewelry she wanted for herself.

She had an Iris in mind and ask if I could make one....I have had several Iris request but her request was so special...I'm just a softy for weddings and the honor to make her wedding jewelry to cherish for years to I said yes to the "Iris" Challenge.

Sculpting this flower was a toughie and Don, who is also a perfectionist...pushed me to get it right, well I'm pretty sure I got it right! I'm very happy with the outcome.
I have several additional ideas for this Iris, I would like to use this Iris without pearls using one of my husband's byzantine chains plus I want to use this pendant with a Swiss Blue Topaz drop which I feel would be beautiful.

Laetitia was wanting to go with Dark Peacock Freshwater Pearls and I couldn't have made a better choice knowing all the colors she has in her bouquet but I also wanted to make use White Freshwater Pearls as another option for myself.

Monday, May 19, 2008

My Lady Slipper

My New Lady Slipper
Although she isn't finished (more polishing needed) and way cooler in person, we have already taking deposits on her when shown at the Redland Orchid Festival. She is 2 3/8" tall, 1 3/4" wide (tip to tip) and 5/8" deep. At this time she is all Argentium Sterling Silver 925 but we are also thinking about doing a few in 14K Gold.
So far we have request for Pins and Pendants with hidden enhancers as well commissioned earrings. For more information about deposits, please e-mail me at or you can call me at 954-594-2186
Once finished, I will update the photo.
Thanks for looking,

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Tiger Lily Ring

I love interesting rings and this is just packed with character. I hand sculpted a Tiger Lily to one side and set a 11mm x 9mm Faceted Lemon Quartz in the center.

I have a stem coming up on each side and on those stems are long leaves growing up around the lily and the lemon quartz.

I have a tiny 3mm cz diamond set between the lily and a leaf.

Something I haven't done lately is that I antiqued the ring which added great depth to this ring.

For more information about this ring, please click here.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother of Pearl with a spray of Orchids & Buds

While on a hunt for something different to sculpt on, I came across 4 beautiful natural, Mother of Pearl
My head was filled with all kind of ideas while driving home, I immediately imagined sculpting tiny orchids, buds and leaves down the sides, on another one...bamboo on the edges or thought about banana leaves falling over to one side...anyway I had 4 pendants and 4 ideas so there you go...each pendant has it's own unique one of a kind look.
The Polished Silver looked really great next to the mother of pearl and the natural MOP (mother of pearl) has a beautiful luster like you would want in a pearl. The light seems to reflect off the MOP giving me pink, teal, silver and blue tones...this piece is so pretty if I do say myself.
For more information and photos about this pendant as well as the other 3 pendants, please click here.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Orchid Spray with a 10.5 Freshwater absolute favorite!

I'm not sure where to start with this one...

I had one of my clients to come in and show me her beautiful pearls for me to make her a Leaf Pendant to add to her pearls...her pearls were 11.5mm and had to be custom made and I had just pulled this ring out of the tumbler, cut sprue still there and of course no stone and she looked at it and said...I want it!

Well this is the second time I have made this ring and it's the second time they have sold within 2 hours. It's hard to photograph all of the detail in this ring...but it has 4 detailed Phalaenopsis Orchids with small buds, some slightly opened along with a few closed buds and the leaves intertwined between the stems and buds.

Well when she picked it up this morning...(I did not want to give it up) she was so tickled, then she hugged me...and held her hand out the whole time saying I love this ring. Again...she was very happy. Thank goodness her husband was with her because someone had to drive!

Well needless to say...I will be making a third one and if anyone is interested, call me. The cost on this piece is $349.00 It's all Argentium (the good stuff) Sterling Silver 925 with a 10.5mm white (not dyed) White Freshwater Pearl and comes in a lovely gift box to give or to keep!

For Additional Photos or to purchase my next one...Click Here!

Friday, May 9, 2008

I couldn't believe it when I added my patina to one of my new Sterling Silver Pendants. Normally I only used the patina on my original porcelain pieces but because had a request to try it again...I dipped one of my new silver pieces and to my surprise it worked beautifully.

The results are a bit different, the colors are the same but I used to brush the edges to remove the bronze but this time the bronze and gold tones are gave my orchid a very rich look. This pendant would work well with your existing silver or gold jewelry you may have.

The colors are unbelievable beautiful. I have every Jewel Tone in the book on this one. Ruby Red, Teal, Blue, deep Bronze and Gold on all the edges...I could have planned this better. I just want to thank Nancy for convincing me to get my Patinas (LOS) out again.
I also tried several beads but at the last minute (almost giving up there) I took an 18" chain and dipped it too and then polishing it a bit and it was a perfect match.
The Cattleya Orchid is hand sculpted and is approximately 2" and is stamped 925. The Bracelet (right) is also 2" with leaves on one side and Orchids Buds on the other.

Material: Argentium Sterling Silver 925 Orchid Pendant Finish: Patina
Chain: Sterling Silver with a Patina Finish


...just a sample of my collection.