Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Sea Fan Coral Cuff being made.

The wax models have been completed and now being cast along with two bonus pieces...a Hibiscus Ring & Pendant.

Sea Fan Coral Band
Wax Model
Sea Fan Coral Cuff Bracelet
Wax Model

I'm sculpting a new Sea Fan Coral Cuff Bracelet, 
it's a simple, sleek look with realistic details to give you that wow factor.

Coral's are all the rage in the design world right now and I'm so glad I started my collection 5 years ago. I have always loved the feeling the ocean has given me...it's relaxing, it releaves stress and I want my ocean reef jewelry to create that same feeling in you.

To accomplish this, I take the high road and hand sculpt each piece using the wax wires shown on the left. Each wax wire is cut and placed to create the look of fan coral.

It also allows me to create soft polished edges and flowing lines that curves around the wrist...this also means doing the right thing by not taking the corals from our oceans, a pledge I took several years ago.

Creating Ocean Reef Jewelry is a passion for me and I am excited to be bringing you a whole new collection.

Please keep looking, there is more to come.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ocean Reef Flip Cuff Bracelet

Ocean Reef Flip Cuff Bracelet

Have you ever thought about buying an heirloom?

An heirloom can be a piece of jewelry you purchased or a piece you had made...either way, this special piece of jewelry should bring out your emotions, your thoughts or just put a smile on your face. It's something that has brought you joy and you want to pass it down to the next generations for them to cherish and enjoy as well.

Needless to say, my daughter will be getting quite a few heirlooms especially this one. It only took one trip to the islands to fall in love with the ocean and everything in it but the most fascinating part of the ocean to me has to be the sea fan coral...its soft skeletal design gracefully moves with the currents. It's that movement I wanted to capture with this new Collection. I wanted to recreate that movement without it actually moving but I also wanted the piece to tell a story.

Such as the Starfish finding a safe place to land or the tip of the sea fan capturing a large pearl for its own enjoyment. I hope that whoever wears a piece of my sea fan jewelry, sees the movement that I see and simple takes you away for just a moment.

So whether it's a piece of jewelry that I create or one that I have made especially for you, I always imagine it being passed down to the next generations and bringing joy to the one wearing it.

Materials: Sterling Silver & 14k Yellow Gold
Pearl: Natural Color Freshwater Pearl, No Dyes.
Finish: High Polished
Size: Medium

A Few Options

The starfish is cast in 14k Yellow Gold and the Pearl shown is a 11mm Natural Fresh Water Pearl. Other pearl options are South Sea or Tahitian. Pearls that are 10mm-11mm work well with this design.

I have sculpted several starfish in various sizes, so a cluster would also look fabulous on this cuff.

Additional Pearl Options: Please let me know if your would like another pearl besides Freshwater. I would be happy to locate your pearl at the best price available.

My process for creating my Sea Fan Coral Jewelry

A piece of 16 gauge wax wire is cut into 2-4mm lengths and each one is soldered together to create the fan coral design. There are no shortcuts for me when creating my wax pieces. It's a labor of love and the results are something that I am very proud of. It takes great equipment from my caster to get these right. I push the limits when it comes to sculpting and casting.

When Volker (Master Jeweler) ask me, what did I want to learn? He said I can teach you everything about making jewelry! I asked if I could think about it overnight. I came back to him the next day and ask if it was OK just to concentrate on sculpting the wax to make jewelry? I told him I felt my time would be better spent on design, and spending the time needed to creating realistic wax models with the detail I felt they needed. He said it was OK and I never regretted my decision not to do it all.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Murex and Sea Fan Coral Fusion Cuff Bracelet

Creating Wearable Art

To this day, when I walk on the beach, I would see shells, starfish and corals washed up on the shore. The seaweed or coral would be intertwined with the shells as they rolled back and forth with the waves.

I guess some people would just ignore the mangled clump of sea life but I could see a painting laying on the sand, or as a scarf around your neck or a piece of jewelry wrapped around my arm. It was those fascinating little pieces that were the inspiration for making this cuff.

The Cuff is half Murex Shell and half Sea Fan Coral...just two fascinating pieces that came together as one.

So when I sit down at my bench, I have the opportunity to create just that, wearable art. It may take a month, sometimes several months but eventually, I will walk out of my studio with a piece of art that has never existed before.

Material: 92.5 Sterling Silver
Finish: High Polished
Size: Medium

Monday, June 16, 2014

Overlapping Sea Fan Coral Adjustable Ring

Overlapping Sea Fan Coral 
Adjustable Ring

New Phalaenopsis Necklace in the making...completed!

Phalaenopsis Necklace

Sorry for the fast shot but it had to ship but it turned out beautifully if I say so myself.

Update 2
Update 1


New Phalaenopsis Orchid Necklace
New Asymmetrical Orchid Necklace is in the works.

I will be starting this necklace in
about two weeks. I want this piece to be super comfy and a bit smaller than my typical Phalaenopsis Orchid in the past.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Blueheel Socks, it's a cool corporate job!

Once in a while I'll get involved in a corporate job and when I saw this awesome product...I was in!

These guys make disposable socks, and if you have ever traveled extensively like I have, you'll just get this product and say, I wished I had thought of that!

Take a look at their website plus here is a bit about why they developed their socks.

At BLUEHEEL, we know that people lose their socks all the time, don’t take good care of the ones they still have and pay too much to replace them. So we decided to take action, because it shouldn't take as much time or money trying to find or fold our socks when we need them the most. Our mantra: never lose or wear damaged or mismatched socks again!

Enjoy our BLUEHEEL Single-Use Socks, they’re a cost-effective, stylish alternative to the sock status quo. Laundry Free by design, our men’s / women’s / kid’s and baby socks come in travel packs (3pr), dispenser packs (5pr) and single pairs for business, casual and athletic use. You can wash and dry them if you want, but when you lose one or a pair, who cares? Because BLUEHEEL Socks are affordable and always available.

We’re available in airports and hotels and also expanded with a direct to consumer program with our Executive Sock Club, which offers sock delivery directly to you on a monthly basis. In addition, we’ve partnered with non-profit organizations with our Thumbsocks by BLUEHEEL, which are designed to prevent heat transfer on smartphones to prevent distracted driving.

And here was my contribution to their company:

Blue Heel Necklace Charm

Blue Heel Charm Bracelet

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Starfish Ring - Sterling Silver Starfish Ring - Truly Unique Starfish Jewelry

Item Number: DV-67-SS
Starfish: 14k Solid Yellow Gold 
Sea Fan Coral and Band: 92.5 Sterling Silver
Pearl: Natural Freshwater Pearl (no dyes) 
Band: Adjustable

An all time favorite now made available in a 9.75mm - 10.25mm Natural Color Freshwater Pearl with hand sculpted sea fan coral on one side a starfish holding up the other side in solid gold.

This is a high-end adjustable ring, before it ships it is set in your size. If in the future you require a smaller or larger size, just take it to a local jeweler to easily re-size your rings. Re-soldering is not necessary.

Pearl Options: Different Pearls are available such as Tahitian, South Sea, Japanese Akoya , please send me a convo for prices.

International Orders may require additional Insurance. Optional Insurance by UPS/FedEx

Monday, May 5, 2014

New Sterling Silver Calla Lily Pendant coming soon...

Just completed the wax model of the new Calla Lily Pendant
2" tall x 1" wide

 I will cast in Sterling Silver 
for the first piece.

PRE-SALE COUPON: Between May 9 - June 5, 2014 you can use Coupon Code: CALLALILY20 
on Etsy to get 20% off the Calla Lily Pendant plus Free US Priority 2 Day Shipping.

This Coupon is for the pre-sale of the Calla Lily Pendant Only.

After a lot of nudging from my wonderful customers, I sat down at my bench and hand sculpted a Calla Lily Pendant in Wax.

Once I sculpted the Calla Lily and stem out of wax. I bent down the stem to use as the bail plus, it balances the whole piece. Once I cast the piece in silver, It will be a little less than two inches tall (overall all height including the bail) by I" wide. I'll be honest, I like this piece...it has character in the flower and the stem just looks so natural bent down beside the calla lily.

The 20% Off Coupon is my way of saying "Thanks for Waiting"

Final Product:
Materials: 925 Solid Sterling Silver
Finish: Polished

If you would like additional information, please email me at dawnvertrees@gmail.com

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bronze Sculpture...David's Anniversary Gift

And most important...I have a Happy Customer!

Total Height 7 3/4" 
Weight 3 lbs
Finish: High Polished Bronze with a light Oxidation

3.25" Checkers Each

I have never thought about sculpting people until this job came across my desk. I saw the sketch my customer gave me and it just spoke to me. I knew if I was going to get the opportunity to sculpt people...this was it. 

I went back in fourth with the detail issue, how much was needed? Should there be eyes, ears and fingers? So I decided to just start building the wax model and hopefully, it would hit me at some point how much detail was needed.

Well this is what I have learned...No, you don't need eyes to show feeling. A simple turn of the head, their arms embarrassing each other, her leg lifting up can all say "I love you"


Their hands blend into each others body becoming one.

The finished piece will be cast in bronze, polished and possibly antiqued.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Beautiful Rose Wedding Band Set...

Just to give a little preview of a wedding ring I'm sculpting for a new bride. It will be cast in Rose Gold with a 1 carat diamond. The bands will have leaves on them and possibly small scattered diamonds on the petals to represent tiny rain drops.One thing I have learned about sculpting roses is that when you take away the very top of the rose and replace it with a diamond, you have too work super hard on the lower petals to capture that iconic rose look...that's not easy to do but I know my OCD will kick in and it won't leave my bench until I'm happy with it.                                                                                                                                                             More photos later...