Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Sea Fan Coral Cuff being made.

The wax models have been completed and now being cast along with two bonus pieces...a Hibiscus Ring & Pendant.

Sea Fan Coral Band
Wax Model
Sea Fan Coral Cuff Bracelet
Wax Model

I'm sculpting a new Sea Fan Coral Cuff Bracelet, 
it's a simple, sleek look with realistic details to give you that wow factor.

Coral's are all the rage in the design world right now and I'm so glad I started my collection 5 years ago. I have always loved the feeling the ocean has given me...it's relaxing, it releaves stress and I want my ocean reef jewelry to create that same feeling in you.

To accomplish this, I take the high road and hand sculpt each piece using the wax wires shown on the left. Each wax wire is cut and placed to create the look of fan coral.

It also allows me to create soft polished edges and flowing lines that curves around the wrist...this also means doing the right thing by not taking the corals from our oceans, a pledge I took several years ago.

Creating Ocean Reef Jewelry is a passion for me and I am excited to be bringing you a whole new collection.

Please keep looking, there is more to come.

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