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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Blueheel Socks, it's a cool corporate job!

Once in a while I'll get involved in a corporate job and when I saw this awesome product...I was in!

These guys make disposable socks, and if you have ever traveled extensively like I have, you'll just get this product and say, I wished I had thought of that!

Take a look at their website plus here is a bit about why they developed their socks.

At BLUEHEEL, we know that people lose their socks all the time, don’t take good care of the ones they still have and pay too much to replace them. So we decided to take action, because it shouldn't take as much time or money trying to find or fold our socks when we need them the most. Our mantra: never lose or wear damaged or mismatched socks again!

Enjoy our BLUEHEEL Single-Use Socks, they’re a cost-effective, stylish alternative to the sock status quo. Laundry Free by design, our men’s / women’s / kid’s and baby socks come in travel packs (3pr), dispenser packs (5pr) and single pairs for business, casual and athletic use. You can wash and dry them if you want, but when you lose one or a pair, who cares? Because BLUEHEEL Socks are affordable and always available.

We’re available in airports and hotels and also expanded with a direct to consumer program with our Executive Sock Club, which offers sock delivery directly to you on a monthly basis. In addition, we’ve partnered with non-profit organizations with our Thumbsocks by BLUEHEEL, which are designed to prevent heat transfer on smartphones to prevent distracted driving.

And here was my contribution to their company:

Blue Heel Necklace Charm

Blue Heel Charm Bracelet