Sunday, May 3, 2009


As you can see I'm getting ready to work on a few custom pieces.
This one is called "Kristi".

It's going to be an impressive ruby ring. Kristi wanted a ring based on one of my leaf bands which is a beautiful ring but for this stone I wanted to make it a special one-of-a-kind piece.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Dogwood Designs for Tammy

Being that one of these is going to go to Tammy once finished...I think I'll just
name the one she picks "Tammy" unless she has another idea.

I have two Teal Blue Quartz in my possession, one 14mm and the other is 15mm. Each will consist of silver (maybe palladium) & 14k yellow designs will change slightly, they always do once I start sculpting the wax but I'll do my best not to get carried away...I am pretty happy with the overall design, just hope Tammy is once she sees these.

It's Finished!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Mainsail Arts Festival

34th Annual Mainsail Arts Festival

What an exciting year!

I was awarded the "Awards of Excellence" at the 34th Annual Mainsail Arts Festival

St. Petersburg Times Newspaper Article

Houston AOS Spring Orchid Show - UPDATED


Well, this concept started with an idea that we might develop a special piece for the AOS Spring Show in Houston, Texas. The theme of this show is "Orchids Texas Style" and to me, this design says just that.

Dimensions: 1.5" high and very 3 dimensional.

Available in Gold/SS (as shown) and Sterling Silver 92.5

For more information, please click here to go to my website.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

...a little nautical

Abalone Shells don't normally create a pearl but this one did. So I sculpted coral around the pearl
which created a shadow box, so inside this colorful shell I added a 14K Starfish to add to it's mystery. This is a very rare one of a kind pendant.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Citrine & Gold

Key West Collection

Golden Citrine Cuff with 14K Philodendron Leaves
and SS Banana Leaves

Golden Citrine Ring with a combination of 14K & SS Philodendron Leaves
and Banana Leaves

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oncidium Spray UPDATE

Oncidium Orchid Spray

What an honor. I was blown away when I saw my stand from across the room.

Not only did I win 1st Place in my category, I won Best of Show for my Oncidium Spray Orchid Necklace.

What an exiting event.

Thanks to the jury!

This is the Oncidium Spray Necklace I will be entering into the Miami International Orchid Show Art Contest this weekend.

I call this piece "Oncidium Spray" but I took the idea from the World's Most Beautiful Orchids by Greg Allikas & Ned Nash.

The picture on page 275 is a Oncidium ampliatum which produces a sturdy branched sprays of yellow flowers in the spring.

Because this particular Oncidium produces a sturdy branch, I decided to accent the stem with hand carved leaves and buds which gave me a intricate neck wire .

I personally think the whole Oncidium Spray came together beautifully.

This is a one of a kind piece in Sterling Silver.