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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My wife likes Dolphins...Finished!

My not so great picture of the completed Dolphins.  I'm usually trying to get them out the door so that my customers can see their new jewelry but hopefully you can see the detail.

Mike also sent me a photo of his wife wearing the dolphins on her omega. I was so pleased to see how the two dolphins layed, it was better than I me it makes an elegant statement.
Mike wrote me and told me his wife is very pleased
with the slide and wears it a lot!

This is where we get to play a bit...because I sculpted each dolphin separetely...I get to arrange them and visually show Mike some of his options for placing the dolphins before we cast them. And if your wondering which one we picked...we both picked #1

Choice #1
Choice #2
Choice #3

Their Close Up Shop
The machanicals come next...fitting these two on a
10mm Omega and still look real!

My Inspiration Photo

“playfully in love”

We met Mike in Virginia during the Neptune Show and he e-mailed me later asking for some Slider suggestion...well after a few ideas and sketches back in forth, he said, "My wife likes Dolphins".  I use to feel nervous about going out of my comfort zone but lately I've just jumped in and started sculpting, because now my real challenge is making sure that when his wife looks at her new playful dolphins, she just smiles.

So to my suprise...I can sculpt a Dolphin.

Mike's Dolphin Slider will be a one of a kind but due to my slip-up, I will be sculpting another pair
to fit a 4-6mm Omega.