Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sterling Silver Ginkgo Ring with Seeds

Ginkgo Ring

Sterling Silver Ginkgo Ring with Seeds

I'm wearing this one as I write, It's Super Unique!

When I sat down to sculpt this ring, I download a lot of pictures of Ginkgo leaves and what I noticed about the leaves is that they are in clusters and they have the coolest seeds. So I sculpted three leaves and then added three seeds as a center piece for the ring. I put a satin finish on the leaves and then put a high polish on the seeds, which now look like little silver pearls.

One each side of the ring, I sculpted six very small Ginkgo leaves and added three leaves to each side of the ring shank. This ring came together beautifully, can't wait to make another one.

Also, we use a tarnish resistance sterling casting grains when we cast my pieces, they call this De-Oxidized 92.5 Sterling Silver, it's a bit more pricey but you'll love the non-resistance feature.


Materials: 92.5 Sterling Silver
Finish: High Polished and Satin Finish
Size: little over an 11/8" wide x 7/8" wide
Current Size is 7.5

Please specify your ring size when ordering and allow 10 days to ship.