Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hand Sculpted Sea Shell Ring - Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Sea Shell Ring - And I LOVE THIS RING!

It is soooo me, I guess that's why I made it. It's awesome on the middle finger but you can wear it on the ring finger just as well, it just sits there on my finger as if it lived there.

While visiting Charleston, SC, between Art Shows, Don & I went shopping on Kings Street down by the water, and they had shells galore (...and Truffles), anyway...I was picking them up for the cool lumps & bumps until I saw this shell...I put it on my finger and said, now that's a ring. It took me a while to figure out how to sculpt it but after a month of staring at this little shell, it came to me. One week later of melting, scraping & dripping wax...this is what I have created.

If your noticing the oval holes in the back, this is part of my Signature Design called FUSION Ocean Jewelry Collection. It represents Fan Coral that has fused itself into the shell. I do not cast the actual shells, corals, twigs, or flowers in my work, I am a lost wax artist. I sculpt wax to make a model and then cast the model in either Sterling Silver, Gold or Bronze. There is no wax left, it melts out in our Investment, so what your seeing is 100% Sterling Silver.

Size: Total height on the finger is 1/5" x 1 1/3" wide (widest point)

Materials: Sterling Silver

Price: $239.00

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Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy my art.
Dawn Vertrees Jewelry Designer