Saturday, December 31, 2011

We played today...

My Sister-in-law, Carolyn Schulz came from England visit us this weekend and she showed
Don & myself Shambala. Its a popular macrame knotting method that
they make bracelets out of. So the night before, we headed out
to A.G. Moore to pick up some fun supplies.

I dug out some of my beads from about 5 years ago and some
barrel leaf beads that I sculpted 4 years ago and with her shambala
methods produced this really cool bracelet.

...I had three more Leaf Barrel Beads and some 10mm black
onyx beads and created this bracelt as well.

Don, my husband tried his hands at Shambala and created this
bracelet using 10 Jasper Beads. 

Carolyn Schulz is a freelance craft designer, teacher and businesswoman. Her experience ranges from scrapbooking to Christmas decorations and over the last 20 years, Carolyn has focused her attention on jewellery design.
Working in both the British and American market for over 30 years, she has edited 3 popular craft magazines, and is currently authoring a fourth book. A former board member of an international trade organization, the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association), for 6 years, she received the President’s Award for service to the industry.

Her designs are widely used by magazines, retailers, manufacturers and television in the UK and US. She loves to share her talent in the form of teaching classes and is fast becoming a familiar face on QVC in the UK.
This website is a showcase of Carolyn’s current work, and her latest way of sharing with others her lifetime passion. It is hoped that the reader may be inspired to create beautiful jewellery, and will learn the techniques required to do so.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fan Coral and Starfish Ring

Hand sculpted and cast in Sterling Silver, this ring features a "fusion" of high polished Fan Coral with our signature Starfish holding on for dear life.

Materials: Sterling Silver 92.5 and plated in 24k gold (Starfish).
Length: 1 1/4" Long
Size: We size all of our rings, please specify when purchasing.

Available on Etsy.

Fusion Starfish Ring

Available on Etsy 


Made of Sterlin Silver, this starfish ring features a "fusion" of high polished Fan Coral against dark patina finished Starfish tenticles with polished dot details for a rich combination of texture and color.

Materials: 92.5 Sterling Silver, Patina
Size: Adjusted to fit your finger before it ships,
please specify your size when ordering.
Ring is adjustable.
Length: 1 1/8" Long

Fusion Fan Coral and Starfish Ring

The "Fusion" of Fan Coral and Starfish designs brings to this ring striking contrasts in textures and color that complement each other handsomely. Made of Sterling Silver with high polish finish and dark patina, truly a piece of wearable sculpture!

Materials: 92.5 Sterling Silver, Patina
Length: 1.5" Long
Additional Photos on

Cattleya Charm Bracelet

Nine 3/4" hand sculpted Cattleya Orchids hinged together to create a beautiful Orchid Charm bracelet measuring 7 1/4" long. Each flower was cast in solid 92.5 sterling silver then heavily plated in 24k gold.

Materials: 92.5 Sterling Silver and 24k gold plated
Clasp: Door Knocker Style Clasp
Length: 7 1/4
Gold Plating Warranty: Lifetime
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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fusion Starfish Pendant

Fusion Starfish Pendant

Hand sculpted Starfish Pendant using the lost wax process and cast in Sterling Silver with oxidation added to bring out my detail. Fusion is a new line I introduced this month to be combined with my Ocean Reef Collection. Fusion is a combination of a classic Starfish but with Fan Coral laying on the starfish, fusing itself to the starfish.
I wanted to create a true piece of wearable art.

The piece is 2" in diameter.
Available in our Etsy Shop

Fusion Hoop Earrings

Fusion Hoop Earrings

I know just about everyone has either heard me say, I don't
like sculpting earrings because I hate to sculpt two of them...
a left and a right but these were worth it. I wear a pair of these and i love them,
 nice weight and our fusion two-tone colors, black and silver is perfect for this design.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Charlotte Fine Arts Show Demo

Charlotte Fine Arts Show Demo

This was my first lost wax demo at the Charlotte Fine Arts Show this past was pretty awesome talking to so many people who had no clue that my jewelry was made using sheets of wax that I hand sculpted.
I started out by sketching out a leaf necklace and made individual leaves and added them to my wax wire. I had wax sheets, wax wire and all of my tools including my favorite Wax Pen. They could touch the wax, handle the tools...whatever, it was great!