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Friday, May 9, 2008

I couldn't believe it when I added my patina to one of my new Sterling Silver Pendants. Normally I only used the patina on my original porcelain pieces but because had a request to try it again...I dipped one of my new silver pieces and to my surprise it worked beautifully.

The results are a bit different, the colors are the same but I used to brush the edges to remove the bronze but this time the bronze and gold tones are gave my orchid a very rich look. This pendant would work well with your existing silver or gold jewelry you may have.

The colors are unbelievable beautiful. I have every Jewel Tone in the book on this one. Ruby Red, Teal, Blue, deep Bronze and Gold on all the edges...I could have planned this better. I just want to thank Nancy for convincing me to get my Patinas (LOS) out again.
I also tried several beads but at the last minute (almost giving up there) I took an 18" chain and dipped it too and then polishing it a bit and it was a perfect match.
The Cattleya Orchid is hand sculpted and is approximately 2" and is stamped 925. The Bracelet (right) is also 2" with leaves on one side and Orchids Buds on the other.

Material: Argentium Sterling Silver 925 Orchid Pendant Finish: Patina
Chain: Sterling Silver with a Patina Finish