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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Raw Uncut Rough Black Diamond Twig Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in Gold, Wedding Ring, Anniversary Ring, Hand Sculpted by Dawn Vertrees

Hand Sculpted Using the lost wax method, cruelty free gold, cruelty free Diamond
4.75 Carat Black Diamond 
Engagement Ring or Anniversary Ring

14k Rose Gold
Custom Solitaire using a beautiful sparkling 
4.75 carat Natural Black Uncut Rough Diamond in 14k Rose Gold.

Hand sculpted Twig Ring, totally hand sculpted using the lost wax method, a one-of-a-kind creation. 

I wanted to create a beautiful yet elegant Twig Bridal Set using a Rough Uncut Diamond, so I sculpted the branch to focus on the showcasing this rough diamond.

● Diamond: Premium Rough 4.75 Carat Black Natural Uncut Rough Diamond.
Raw Uncut Rough Diamond - Cruelty Free Diamond.

7 Twig Prongs holding the
4.75 ct Diamond
Engagement Ring:
● Leaf Engagement ring is approximately 11mm wide at top.
● Band is 4mm wide
● Finish: Textured and Polished. 

NOTE: This ring is available with a matching twig wedding band.

● Your rings will come a black velvet ring box.