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Monday, June 3, 2019

Hand Sculpted Leaf and Twig Ring using the Lost Wax Method by Dawn Vertrees

Hand Sculpted One of a kind
Hand Cut Rough 1.5ct Ruby

We will be testing our first hand cut ruby on Wednesday 6/5/2019 which will be cast in place with the wax that I have sculpted around the stone (shown). Although we have successfully cast our rough uncut diamonds and gemstones for 8 years with only a few mishaps, casting our hand cut gemstones should reduce that number to zero.

GEMSTONE SET IN WAX CASTING has evolved over the past 10 years from a secret process used by a few manufacturers to a commonly used method. 

Lost wax method
Our Popular
Three Leaf Design cast in 14k Gold

GEMSTONES NOT RECOMMENDED ARE: Emerald, Opal, Jade, Amethyst, Topaz, Peridot & Garnet. 

Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Topaz, Pearl, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise and Onyx as these gemstones may burn, crack or discolor when exposed to high heat.

GEMSTONES SELECTED FOR CASTING IN PLACE should be high quality, dimensionally accurate, free of flaws and inclusions that can turn milky, frosty or crack when heated.

Engagement Ring
DESIGNS SELECTED FOR CASTING IN PLACE must allow support in at least 2 places by the surrounding investment instead of the traditional 4 or 6 prong setting. The gemstones need to be held in place securely to withstand investing, burn out and casting without coming loose.

Engagement Ring
Hand Cut Ruby Engagement Ring

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Hand Cut Rough Ruby 14k Yellow Gold Twig Ring, Gemstone Solitaire, Engagement Ring, Anniversary Ring by Dawn Vertrees

Engagement Rings
Red Ruby Hand Faceted 

Hand Sculpted & Hand Faceted Rough Ruby
Engagement Ring, Anniversary Ring or Promise Ring.

I have waited exactly two years staring at my faceting tools until now. Creating our own hand cut gemstones is a milestone for me, it's like everything I envisioned for my hand sculpted designs has finally come full circle. I truly hope you see my vision in giving you a true one-of-a-kind ring.

Each design was created in wax by me to mimic little twigs with tiny branches holding a artistically hand cut in our studio.

Engagement Rings
Hand Sculpted Rings using the
Lost Wax Method
This is a 2.01 carat Ruby, cut from our rough uncut gemstones
Ruby Deminsions: 5mm x 7mm

The Band is cast in 14k Yellow Gold with textured bark markings.

Our Refined Gold and Gemstones are all Cruelty-Free.

Your ring will come with a black velvet pouch and a black ring box.