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Friday, January 26, 2024

Three Rough Diamond Twig Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver, Branch Ring - Anniversary Ring - DV Jewelry Designs

Hand-Sculpted One-of-a-kind Twig & Branch Inspired Engagement Ring

Available Now.

Natural Inspired creations by Dawn.

Hand created nature inspired, one-of-a-kind, 3 diamond twig engagement ring.

Creative Process: Hand sculpted wax model using the Lost-wax-process.

Cast-in-place: A process where the stone and the wax model I create is cast simultaneously in solid gold or silver. The stone and metal become one thing, making the one-of-a-kind piece each time.


●Stone: 3ct Center Raw Diamond plus 2 small accent diamonds on each side. .67 TCW (Total Carat Weight of Accent Diamonds)

●Color: Light and silvery gray

●Material: Solid Sterling Silver 92.5

●Finish: Oxidized

●Ring Height: 7.20mm

●Ring Length on Finger: 10.66mm

●Bottom Band Width: 4.20mm

●Current Ring Size: 6 (resizing is included)

This ring comes with a cute little tote and a ring box.

Additional Pictures & Prices

Dawn Vertrees Jewelry...Elegance Uncut.

DV Jewelry Designs


Monday, January 8, 2024

Custom Rough Diamond Engagement Rings

Discover the enchanting allure of timeless romance with DV Jewelry Designs' captivating Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring. This extraordinary 2-carat raw diamond, with its light semi-transparent silvery gray hue, is cradled in the warm embrace of 14k rose gold, culminating in a piece that's as unique as your bond.

Engagement Ring

Twig Ring

Our artisanal process involves sculpting a wax model by hand, utilizing the ancient Lost-wax-process, which ensures that no two rings are ever alike. The ring is then crafted through a cast-in-place technique, where the diamond and wax model are cast simultaneously in solid gold. This intimate process fuses the stone and metal together, creating an unbreakable connection akin to the one you share with your beloved. The result is a one-of-a-kind piece, with a black ruthenium antiqued finish that adds an old-world charm to the modern design. The ring's height reaches a subtle 7mm with a length of 10mm on the finger, and a comfortable 3.71mm width at the band's base, promising a perfect blend of elegance and wearability.

Custom Engagement Ring

 2ct raw Salt & Pepper Diamond

Stone: 2ct raw Salt & Pepper Diamond

Color: Light semi-transparent silvery gray.

Material: 14k Solid Gold

Finish: Black Ruthenium Antiqued

Ring Height: 7mm

Ring Length on Finger: 10mm

Bottom Band Width: 3.71mm

Additional Pictures and Prices

Embrace the artistry of DV Jewelry Designs!

This ring is Available Now

One-of-a-Kind Return Policy:

"Available Now Rings", One-of-a-kind rings can be exchanged.

"Made-to-order", One-of-a-kind rings are not refundable.

This ring comes with a small ring tote and ring box.

Dawn Vertrees Jewelry...Elegance Uncut.

DV Jewelry Designs 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Twig Engagement Ring - 14K Gold and Gemstone Bridal Set, Engagement Ring, Twig Band, Branch Gemstone Wedding RingsTwig

Twig Engagement Ring, 14K Gold and Gemstone Bridal Set, Engagement Ring, Twig Band, Branch Gemstone Wedding Rings
Blue Topaz Twig Bridal Set

Made-to-Order Custom Twig Bridal Set featuring a 5mm Round Faceted Blue Topaz.
Hand sculpted Twig Bridal Set, hand sculpted, a one-of-a-kind creation. 

I wanted to create a beautiful yet elegant bridal set using a polished faceted Gemstone using my organic hand sculpted twig design.

● 5mm approximately (Price shown is for a 5mm Blue Topaz is 14k Rose Gold)
Average Weight .53-.60 carat round polished faceted Blue Topaz #113-114
OPTIONAL Stones: Alexandrite, Opal, Amethyst, Topaz, Sapphire, Ruby, Aquamarine, Iolite, Citrine, Garnet, Peridot, Quartz, Tanzanite, Tourmaline and 
Emeralds, Zircon...please send a message for a price on a 5mm Gemstone, Moissanite or Diamond for you.

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Twig Wedding Set
● Leaf Engagement ring is approximately 11mm wide at top.

● Matching Twig Band measures 1.8mm wide. 
● Both Bands together at the bottom is 3.7mm wide.
● Finish: Polished, Natural Twig Finish. 

● Your rings will come a black velvet ring box.

Dawn Vertrees Jewelry...Elegance Uncut.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Leaf and Twig Eternity Band available in White, Yellow, Green or Rose Gold; 14k or 18k

Leaf and Twig Eternity Band available in White, Yellow, Green or Rose Gold; 14k or 18k

Preview in One Week
Available to Pre-Order Now!

Eternity Band available in 
White, Yellow, Green or Rose Gold; 14k or 18k

COMPLETED!!! Go to: Leaf Twig and Vine Ring is now available on Etsy

360 degree of hand sculpted leaves, vines and tiny twigs custom made in your size.

Email me at for price and availability.