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Monday, October 17, 2011

A Wedding Gift for Kathy & Wynne - Completed!

Both matching pendants came out beautifully!

I love these kind of e-mails...

...We saw some of your work at the Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach. It's very impressive and beautiful. We are interested in getting custom wedding rings. Since your work is so true to nature, we're hoping you can come up with a design for us.

Their ideas...

We want a design based on two trees with their branches growing together. It's based on a story in mythology about Baucis and Philemon. We can't quite picture how this can be turned into a ring, but maybe you can. If we can't get a design we like for rings, we would consider pendants.

Here was my suggestion...

...One side of the tree is 14k Yellow Gold and the other tree,
opposite side of the ring is another sculpted tree in White Gold.
Both tree's limbs come together at the top.
Yellow Gold and White Gold limbs intertwine.
Due to my design being so wide, it would work for Wynne but not for Kathy, so we are heading back to the drawing board, which I love and start sketching on a new his & her pendant design based on the two trees.

Here is one of two Ideas...


I have another totally different idea...I'll sketch this one tomorrow.

"TreeHeart 2"
Now don't judge this piece on my sketch...sculpted in 3-D, this piece as well as the double pendants above
will look as if I carved the tree and dipped it in gold & silver.

...and this is what I Sculpt.

One tree will be cast in 14k yellow gold and the other side
cast in 14k white gold. The oval would look good in
either Yellow or White Gold.

...and this is my inspiration tree outside my dad's studio in Cornelius, NC

Yep, that's Lake Nornam
waters down about 4'