Thursday, July 5, 2018

Hand Cut and Polished Montana Sapphire Twig Engagement Ring, 14k Rose Gold by Dawn Vertrees

Montana Sapphire Twig Engagement Ring
Beautiful Blue Sapphire, Engagement,
Anniversary or Promise Ring
This Blue Montana Sapphire was hand cut using a very old Jamb Peg Machine which is a device used in faceting gems comprising a piece of wood containing a series of holes in which a dop stick can be fixed at varying angles. These are hand cut so the faceting is not a calibrated and may be slightly uneven with slight imperfections in the sapphire.

Additional Jamb Peg Information and Pictures at 

● 1.40 carat Blue Montana Sapphire. 7.5mm x 5.1mm (As shown)

Engagement Ring:
● Engagement ring is 7.5mm at the top and wide at top and approximately 2.7mm at the bottom of solitaire.

● Finish: Twig Finish and Polished.

● Your rings will come a black velvet ring box.

●●● Optional Gemstones: White Sapphires, Blue Sapphires, Yellow Sapphires, Green Sapphires. Please message us for available stones.

Engagement Ring

Gold Ring

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