Thursday, May 31, 2018

Raw Uncut Purple Sapphire 6 Leaf & Twig Engagement Ring, Hand Sculpted by Dawn Vertrees

Raw Uncut Purple Sapphire
Leaf & Twig
Wedding Ring by Dawn Vertrees

Each Ring is Made-to-Order

This is for 6 Leaf & Twig Wedding Ring.

NOTE: Each ring is Made-to-Order in the size needed. Please allow 3-4 weeks. Each Ring is a one-of-a-kind hand sculpted creation. No molds are used and 100% hand sculpted from scratch.

Gemstone: Purple Raw Uncut Sapphire, Tumbled to remove rough edges.

Material: 14k White Gold
Material Finish: Polished

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Gemstone: Purple Sapphire (shown)
Why do we only use Diamonds, Sapphires & Rubies for this design? This design does not lend itself to Aquamarine, Moonstones, Peridot, etc... Only Diamonds Sapphire and Rubies due to the design and casting process.

My Precious Diamonds, Sapphires & Rubies are Mohs Scale 9-10 which means they can be "cast in place" with the wax model, giving you a more permanent diamond or gemstone setting.

I prefer to use these stones because they can withstand 1000+ temperatures which are diamonds, sapphires and rubies.

The #1 Reason I like to use these particular stones is because of the design, I can sculpt the leaves on the stones and cast everything together, giving my designs a very natural look.

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