Tuesday, October 18, 2016

New Leaf and Bead Collection

Leaf and Bead Rough Diamond Bridal Set (A)
Leaf and Bead Rough Diamond Bridal Set (A)

The New Leaf and Bead Collection started after a customer of mine wanted to create a pebble and leaf design. She was so impressed with my little beads that she ditched the pebble idea and told me to just scatter the beads around the leaves and diamonds. I was so blown away with the new design that I worked around the clock to create these new designs.

I hope you like these new wax models. I plan on casting this ring in 14k Yellow Gold.

The center rough diamond is 1.56ct and the two side diamonds are each .39ct. The band has
3 -.25ct rough diamonds and can be resized prior to shipping.

Each hand sculpted ring is a one-of-a-kind little piece of art.

Leaf and Bead Diamond Wedding Band (B)

A Clearer Rough Diamond with 6 Leaves and my little beads dotted between the leaves.

The diamond is .91 carat and the wedding Ring will be cast in 14k Yellow Gold.

3 Carat Leaf and Bead Wedding Ring (C)

Over 3 carats of Rough Diamonds with three hand sculpted 
leaves that weave around the beads.

The wax model will be cast in 14k Yellow Gold and can be resized prior to shipping.

I created my wax models to stack other rings next to them. I will also be creating a matching men's band to go with these ring with optional rough diamonds, polished diamonds and gemstones as well as Moissanite diamonds.

Optional Materials will be 14 and 18k in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold.

Gemstones available will be Aquamarine, Morganite, Tourmaline, Emeralds, and Garnets at this time.

2.78ct Aquamarine Leaf and Bead
Alternative Wedding Ring (D)

Beautiful light blue Aquamarine with a single leaf surrounded by my beads.

I will cast this ring in 14k White Gold so that the blue aquamarine will pop. The beads finish will be polished.

3.10 Carat Pink Tourmaline Leaf and Bead
Alternative Engagement Ring
The next ring will be a 3.10 pink/orange Tourmaline with three small white rough diamonds next to the gemstone. There are three small leaves around the diamonds and two larger leaves on the opposite side...each side is different but balanced.

This new ring will be cast in 14k Rose Gold.

If you would like more information about these rings, please just email me at;

Once cast, these rings will be on our Etsy site in about two weeks at: Leaf and Bead Collection.

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