Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hand Sculpted Sterling Silver Dendritic Agate with Sparkly Crystal Druse Pendant

This is a beautiful Statement Pendant.

I found this stone on one of my gem trips and was just blown away by finding a Dendritic Agate with a druse (druzy) pocket. You rarely see the two together so I grabbed it. I held on to that stone for 6 years, not knowing what to do with it until I brought back my Leaf & Twig designs from 2006...and then it all came together beautifully. A natural stone with a organic leafy design...perfect!

The Pendant is 1 3/4" wide by 2" total width & height.

2.7mm Sterling Silver Oval Cable Chain can be made 16" up to 18"

Material: Sterling Silver 92.5
Stone: Dendritic Agate

Please allow 1 week to resize the chain, current length is 18"
Shipping: USPS Priority & International mail.

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