Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New One-of-a-Kind December Special


I will be introducing several new pieces in our Kudzu & Bamboo line that are one-of-a-kind pieces. I have sculpted (between jobs) so far 2 new kudzu rings which will match the small kudzu cuff design and these two bamboo pieces shown, Wide Bamboo Ring plus the Bamboo Necklace. (still working on the necklace)

These will be sculpted, cast, polished and sold. If you are interested in one of these pieces...please e-mail me asap at for availability and pricing.

The options for materials will be Sterling Silver, 18k plated, or solid 14k/18k gold, your choice if chosen before they are cast.

Look for additional pieces I'll be sculpting over the next 3 days.

I will make an Ocean Reef piece as a one-of-a-kind on request, again, just e-mail me.

Thanks again,

These are just great everyday Bamboo Rings.
Rings are available in my Etsy Shop

Two new Bamboo Bands, very simple but has all the
detail that a bamboo ring should have. The one on the left is more contemporay
whereas the one on the right is your traditional bamboo wrap.

Completed! These turned out adorable, I must take some time to make more of these.
Rings will be available Dec. 2 on our Etsy Site.

If you like my small kudzu cuff...these cute little rings are the matching pieces,
especially the one on the left. The Kudzu band on the right is a little chunkier...but
they both look as if you went out into the woods and wrapped a twig around your finger.
These will be two tone, twig in Sterling Silver and the leaves in 14 gold or 18k gold plated.

OK...this is just cool. Definitely will be making a complete set.

OK, my thinking sort of took a detour somewhere else in my brain but once I put this on (in wax),
it was way too cool. If you like long rings like I do...this is it. This one will have to be
cast and re-photographed asap...because it's just too cool. Katie??? Are you seeing this one?

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