Thursday, September 15, 2011

Citrine and Gold Ring Design

 Well, Third time's a Charm...
...I will start sculpting this ring for Bree starting tomorrow morning and of course, I'll be showing it's progress on my blog. I'm so glad we jumped over to the tulips...I can just envision this ring finished.

Finished making the base, now on to
the tulips, buds & leaves.

Bree's Design #1
White and Yellow Gold surrounds
this impressive teardrop shaped faceted Citrine.

There will be several designs going back in forth to get the perfect design and in the end...It may look nothing like this piece I've drawn but sometimes you just have to work out the details.

The dome like base of the ring would be white gold, high polished.  I would sculpt the leaves and vines separately and then solder them to the white gold creating a look as if they were actually growing up and around the stone. The yellow gold leaves will pop on the white gold.

Being that the leaves and vines are sculpted separately and not carved, this is going to give a lot of dimension plus making it very realistic.

I didn't add all of the leaves to the design, I wanted you to see the white gold under the yellow gold leaves. Once I sculpt the base, sculpting the leaves is the creative part.

The stone will set up and light will get up under the stone. The citrine is actually a good depth for this ring.

Bree's Design #2
White and Yellow Gold surrounds
this impressive teardrop shaped faceted Citrine.
...same concept but the stone sets up using prongs, I made the stone about 3mm shorter to be able to show the leaf detail. In real life, even with the larger stone, you'll see the detail below the stone. Also, I reversed the gold. Leaves and Stems...white gold, base and setting...yellow gold.
Bree's Design #3
I never make both sides exactly alike so I wanted to give you a quick hint for the other side of the ring. Personally...this is my favorite design so far. The leaves and tulips will be individually sculpted and cast then soldered to the ring base giving it a raised authentic look.

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