Thursday, September 16, 2010

I've just started on this piece but it is turning out to be just too cool!

This was my brain thoughts when my husband told me that we really needed to add a man's line to our collections.
First: sculpted wood-like cuff with a fishing hook stuck in it....had to cut fishing line. Second: Hook and a lure stuck in wood cuff. Third: Kill the wood...hook, anchor cuff design. Fourth: Vintage anchor, no hook. Fifth: Really cool vintage anchor, found the KILLICK!
That's it...high five!!!!

Some of you may know what a Killick is but for those who don''s a small anchor, especially one made with a stone in a wooden frame.

There are many versions of a killick but this one was pretty awesome and a no-brainier for a piece of jewelry. It will have a stone, we are working on that one.

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