Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jeannine's Lotus Ring...

5 am - Starting on Jeannine's ring.
7:12 am - coffeeeeeeee
8:56 am - Just finished the ring shank, just plain for now.
10:15 am - hungry, making a sandwich & pretty satisfied with petal design
11:45 am - making lotus petals.
12:59 - adding the petals to the ring.
1:15 pm- it's starting to take shape...looking good.
1:45 pm - making the 8mm setting

Did I mention that Jeannine is only a short drive away (15 min. max) and I bet she can't wait to see her ring plus I know she is wondering WHY I'm not posting any pictures???

2:36 pm - adding the surprise to the side of the ring shank. This idea is just too cool.

2:39 pm - fine tuning the petals.
After a bit of additional work to say the lease...whalla!

I'm a bit under the weather but I will be posting additional information about the Sunstone she choose to add to the center of her Lotus Flower.

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