Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Gift Back to Women In Distress

Yesterday was an exciting day for me along with showing off Isabella to my client for the first time but along with that...I had my opportunity to deliver a very special necklace to my absolute favorite organization...Women In Distress here in S. Florida.

I wrote them a letter about a month ago and they graciously accepted my offer to contribute a piece of my jewelry which allowed me to give back to their wonderful organization.

I myself am a survivor and it was Women in Distress (WID) who took the time to give me the tools to find ME again.

After 8 months of attending WID meetings and working with a couselor, I have slowly gained my self-respect/self-confidence but also in the process, I also found out I had a hidden talent, so you can see why I am so excited about giving back to this organization.

I owe my life to WID as well to my new husband who pointed me in their direction for help and also to all of the counselors who took the time to work with me, hold my hand, let me cry and yes...gave me a huge teddy bear one night to hug when I really needed something to hold on to.

The necklace will be silent autioned off at the 2nd Annual Starfish Luncheon
May 14th, 2008 at Pier 66
Event Details:

Over 300 people are anticipated to join Women In Distress of Broward County to raise funds for victims of domestic violence and recognize special honorees at the Second Annual Starfish Luncheon.

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  1. Hi, Dawn! I'm happy to have read your story and clicked on the womenindistress link but it wouldn't open.
    I guess it's because I'm reading this only today, almost a year later.
    For anyone interested, the link I've found that does work is this

    Thanks again and keep on truckin', Dawn!