Thursday, February 28, 2008

Peeking through the leaves...

It's as if I'm standing next to a large tree trunk and looking between the leaves seeing the sun peek through the leaves.
I spent so much of my time walking through the woods next to Lake Norman back in the 70's.
It was so quiet there but if you looked close was so busy. Everywhere you looked something was blooming, leaves were getting larger and veins were searching for a place to land. I would sit by a tree and just look at the leaves while watching the birds and squirrels run from one tree to the other.
This one-of-a-kind hand sculpted pendant is cast in Argentium Silver 92.5 (see definition of Argentium below)
Pendant Height: 3/4" x 7/8" wide
10mm x 8mm Oval Citrine Cabochon Gem.
Citrine Color: Light to Med. Gold / Heat Treated
18"Rope Chain included.
When I sculpt each piece I lay out my stems around the stone that I've chosen and from there I hand sculpt each individual leaf curving them around each other as if they were blowing in the wind.
If you are interested in this piece or other pieces I have on my blog, you can e-mail, call or purchase this piece listed on Etsy by clicking on the title "Peeking through the leaves..."
Cost: $195.00
Argentium® Sterling Silver is a patented and trademarked alloy that is at least 92.5% pure silver, just like traditional sterling silver.What makes it different from traditional sterling silver is that a small amount of germanium replaces some of the copper that is usually the other 7.5% of sterling silver. There is two things I love most about Argentine Silver is that it's more tarnish-resistance. Although many say it's tarnish-resistant...that's incorrect. Argentine Silver will still tarnish, just slower than traditional Sterling Silver but the good news is that Argentine Silver is very white, almost giving a white gold look which is a good thing!

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