Friday, December 13, 2019

Sterling Silver Leaf and Twig Sterling Silver Bracelet

Silver Bracelet
Hand Sculpted Leaf & Twig Bangle Bracelet

Item Details:

Sterling Silver

One of my hand sculpted leaf and twig bangle bracelets with a tiny vine that wraps all around each bangle.

This bangle has 11 hand sculpted leaves with twig texture and vines plus tiny buds. The perfect everyday bracelet, beautiful worn alone or when stacked in multiples.

Bangle Size:
Small- 2.25 (ID) inches in diameter
Medium- 2.5 (ID) inches in diameter
Large- 2.75 (ID) inches in diameter

Thickness: 3mm to 6mm at widest point.

Note: Made to Order, please allow 3-4 weeks to ship.
This is for (ONE) Leaf & Twig Bangle. Multiple Bangles are available to purchase.

Ships in a Black Velvet Bag with DV Tag

Materials: Sterling Silver with Oxidation or without Oxidation

Shipping: Ships USPS 2-3 Priority Mail insured with tracking once completed.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Rough Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Gold, hand sculpted by Dawn

Rough Raw Uncut Engagement Ring
14k Rose Gold Three Raw Diamond
Engagement Ring
Item Details:

Gold, Rose gold, White gold

Raw Uncut Diamond

Three Rough Diamond Twig Engagement Ring with 2.39 tcw set in 14k Rose Gold to create a unique engagement ring.

Made to Order

This ring can be made in 14k Rose Gold, 14k White Gold, 14k Yellow Gold as well as 18k Yellow Gold and 18k White Gold.

Center Raw Diamond: 1.85ct (approx)
Smaller Raw Diamonds: 2 -.25ct 

Band Width:10.36mm
Bottom Band Width:1.70mm

I wanted to create a beautiful yet elegant 3 Diamond Twig Bridal Set using Rough Uncut Diamonds, so I sculpted the center branch to focus on the diamond and then added two smaller diamonds on each side.

● Diamonds: Premium Rough diamonds / Raw Uncut Rough Diamond - Cruelty Free Diamond.

● Your rings will come a black velvet ring box.

Dawn Vertrees Jewelry...Elegance Uncut.

**Please note: Shipping times are estimate only, we do our very best to get every order shipped on time. Inclement weather, holidays and supplies from vendors may delay us. Please contact us if you need an item by a certain date, we are happy to do our best to accommodate.**

Dawn Vertrees Jewelry...Elegance Uncut.

Monday, December 9, 2019

Unique Opal Ring, Custom Uncut Opal Engagement Ring, Leaves and Twig Ring in Rose Gold, Raw Rough Fire Opal Jewelry

Opal Engagement Ring
Unique Opal Engagement Ring

Item Details:
All Handmade

Optional Materials:
14k 18k White Gold, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold

Gemstone: Opal

This beautiful Opal Engagement Ring can be resized and shipped in one week. 

Hand sculpted Twig Engagement Ring was created using the lost wax method and each Opal is hand cut by us to fit our unique settings.

3 Prong Twig .69ct Opal Engagement Ring 
14k Solid Yellow Gold
Opal is hand cut in our studio and has a lot of fire with teals, pinks, blues and green colors.

Opal and setting width: 7.11mm
Bottom band width: 1.80mm
Side band width: 2.40mm

Our Refined Gold and Gemstones are all Cruelty-Free.

Engagement Ring
Hand Cut Rough Raw Opal
Wedding Ring
Twig Wedding Band:

Back to our Shop:

Why have I chosen to hand cut our Gemstones:
Engagement Ring
Twig Engagement Ring

Gemstone material that has not been extensively cut and polished is referred to as "Rough".

Rough material that has been hammered to knocked off the brittle fractured edges is said to have been cobbled.

So, what I have chosen to do is remove the brittle fractures by hand polishing our rough gemstones in our studio here in North Carolina and allowing a longer lifespan of the stone for our customers. 
A stone that has been hand cut is a stronger stone and in my opinion a safer stone to have.

To keep the integrity of the rough gemstones, we only remove the brittle edges and keep true to the unique shape of the original rough gemstone. This way we can create a beautiful artistically cut gemstone that is still Cruelty-Free but very unique in shape.

This is my way of giving you a true one-of-a-kind hand sculpted and hand cut ring.
-Dawn Vertrees

Your ring will come with a black velvet pouch and a black ring box.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

14k White Gold Leaf and Twig Handmade Wedding Band with a hand cut Sapphire

Engagement Ring
Hand Sculpted Leaf & Twig
Engagement Ring
Item Details:

14k & 18k Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold

Gemstone: Hand Cut Sapphire

Engagement Ring
Hand Cut 2.6 carat Blue Sapphire 

14k White Solid Gold (shown and available now) hand sculpted leaves and twig design using the Lost Wax Method, a wonderful Wedding Set and a true one-of-a-kind creation. I have been sculpting my twigs, vines and leaves since 1987 and have enjoyed creating every single one of them.

Available Metal: 14k or 18k White Gold, Rose Gold, 14k Yellow Gold with optional Black Rhodium plating, distressed to highlight the textures I put into my rings.

Available Gemstones & Rough Diamonds (just to name a few) Opal, Aquamarines, Garnets, Rubies, Topaz, Citrine, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Emerald, Peridot, Sapphire as wells as Rough White or Black Diamonds.

Our Engagement Ring/Band Description:

● Hand Cut Blue Sapphire shown is 2.60 carat. Because we cut our gemstones in our studio, request for taller stones or low profile cuts are available.

● Leaf & Twig Engagement ring is 9.5mm wide at top and 3.67 at the bottom.
● Matching Band is 3.9 wide at the Leaf and 2.7mm at the bottom of the band.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Large Hand Cut Aquamarine Engagement Ring in 18k Rose Gold with tiny twigs and leaves

Leaves Engagement ring
Hand Sculpted Leaves
Engagement Ring

Item Details

14k & 18k Gold

Hand Cut Aquamarine
Engagement ring
3.2 Hand Cut Blue/Green
Beautiful hand sculpted engagement ring, 18k rose gold (shown) and is available also in 14k & 18k White, Rose and Yellow Gold.

This ring was hand sculpted by Dawn using the lost wax method. Every leaf was hand sculpted and placed on the twig vines and then cast in 18k Gold (shown). Our gemstones are direct from the ground and hand cut in our studio. These are truly one-of-a-kind rings.

Top Width: 10.60mm
Bottom Band Width: 2.57mm

The Gemstone used in this ring is a blue/green aquamarine that we cut down to 3.2 carats. Our raw uncut gemstones are not treated in any way.
aquamarine Engagement ring
18k Rose Gold Engagement Ring
Available Gemstones & Rough Diamonds (just to name a few) Opal, Aquamarines, Garnets, Rubies, Topaz, Citrine, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Emerald, Peridot, Sapphire as wells as Rough White or Black Diamonds.

Friday, December 6, 2019

1 carat Teal Sapphire Leaf Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring
1 carat Teal Montana Sapphire
Engagement Ring
Item Details:

14k 18k White, Yellow & Rose Gold

Gemstone: Montana Sapphire

1 ct Teal Montana Sapphire Engagement Ring with twigs, vines and 5 hand sculpted leaves on the solitaire band and 3 flowing leaves with on the second band.

Leaves Engagement Ring
Hand Sculpted Leaf, Twig and Vine
Bridal Set
Our Montana Sapphires are direct from the Montana mines. Each gemstone is natural, and not treated in any way.

●14k White Gold (shown)
● 6mm (approx.) Round Natural Teal Montana Sapphire (Blue Green Sapphire)

Twig Wedding Band
14k White Gold Wedding Band

Beautiful hand sculpted engagement ring, 18k rose gold (shown) and is available also in 14k & 18k White, Rose and Yellow Gold.

Available Gemstones: (just to name a few) Opal, Aquamarines, Garnets, Rubies, Topaz, Citrine, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Emerald, Peridot, Sapphires as well as Black Diamonds, Moissanite Diamonds and Natural Diamonds.

Engagement Ring:

● Engagement ring is 6.05mm wide at top.
● Bottom ring width is 2.82mm

● Wedding band is 4.63mm widest point.
● Bottom ring width is 2.57mm

● Finish: Polished.

● Your rings will come a black velvet ring box.

Monday, November 25, 2019

1 ct Custom Leaf and Twig - Moissanite Diamond Wedding Set - Engagement Rings

Handmade Engagement Rings
Hand Sculpted Leaf and Twig
Engagement Ring

This ring will hold a .75ct up to a 1ct Round Moissanite Diamond or Gemstone.

Hand Sculpted Engagement Ring
1 carat Moissanite Diamond
This will be my Leaf, Twig & Vine Engagement Ring

Wedding Set that will be cast in 14k or 18k Yellow, Rose or White Gold.

Gemstones will include Sapphires, Opals, Amethyst, Garnet, Topaz, Tanzanite, Rubies and Aquamarine just to name a few.

Diamonds will consist of Natural Diamonds as well as Moissanite Diamonds.

This ring will be completed in two weeks and will be on our Etsy Website. I will be posting the completed ring here as well.
Leaf and Twig Custom Engagement Rings
Created using the Lost Wax Process

Friday, November 22, 2019

Lost Wax Artist

I am a
Lost Wax Artist

It's not an impressive title to have but once you understand the 
process you will understand a bit better why I am called a lost wax artist
and I am so proud of it.

Lost Wax Process:

The intricate lost wax process has a rich history in our world. Also known in French as cire perdue. It is a process that allows me to hand sculpt a wax model and cast it into a unique piece of jewelry. Each cast piece is solid silver, gold or platinum once my wax model is melted out of the investment. Investment is a finer type of plaster used by jewelers and is poured around my wax model. Once the investment is dried and then heated, my wax models disappears or known as being burned out and is replaced with melted gold.

My leaf model piece above is a one-of-a-kind hand sculpted wax model that will be cast in 14k gold. Each wax model is hand sculpted to fit our rough uncut diamonds or our hand cut gemstones. We do not mass produce our jewelry, in fact because they are hand sculpted, we choose to only cast a few at a time.

I have tried many different mediums, such as clay, ArtClay, etc.. until 16 years ago, I found jewelers wax which allowed me to get details I was wanting in each piece. With different tools I was able to give my leaves, twig and vines the look I was wanting.

Once in a while I will make a rubber or silicone two-piece mold on some of my pieces which may take up to a week to create an original piece. This is needed to keep the cost down for my customers because creating original works take many hours and some clients need their rings much faster than I can sculpt them but I still insist, to this day to modify each wax model to fit my customers needs. I can also modify the wax model to make it into another unique one-of-a-kind piece.

The History: The oldest known example of this technique is a 6,000-year old amulet from Indus valley civilization. Other examples from somewhat later periods are from Mesopotamia in the third millennium B.C. and the objects discovered in the Cave of the Treasure (Nahal Mishmar) hoard in southern Israel, and which belong to the Chalcolithic period (4500–3500 BC). Conservative estimates of age from carbon-14 dating date the items to c. 3700 BC, making them more than 5,700 years old. Lost-wax casting was widespread in Europe until the 18th century, when a piece-molding process came to predominate.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Meet the Artist!

Dawn Vertrees Engagement Rings

I love what I do!

I express myself & my personality through my love of sculpting and designing! We all start somewhere to end up where we are and where we want to be. 

I'm was born and raise in Rutherfordton, North Carolina.  I currently live in Huntersville, NC.  Not to far from Lake Norman.  The area is beautiful and growing fast! I am very close to my family, as most all still live near by.  

This isn't a resume so I'm not going to start at the very beginning of how I got to where I am, but I have been through a lot of growth, business and the ups and downs that come with it. 

In 2011 I decided to really put my passion for designing and sculpting to work for me. What started out as a hobby, quickly became a business.  I took my new designs of bracelets, rings & earrings on the road with me to show and sell at art festivals, art shows and Artisan markets.  I developed a nice following and did custom designs for the people that followed my work. 

I then decided to branch out and put myself online, so I joined 

Raw Diamond Twig Engagement Ring
I started out with one of a kind sterling silver bracelets, rings and necklaces. As time went on, I learned more techniques, learned about raw diamonds and gemstones. These unique raw materials fascinated me! 

The raw rough uncut natural diamond twig engagement ring quickly became my most popular design and still is. (photo left)

As business started to grow, I needed extra hands on deck.  I hired my daughter, Missy. Missy quickly became my right hand man when it came to working with customers, marketing and keeping everything running so I can do what I do best, design, sculpt and create new products! 

I love what I do! I love to create and talk with customers.  Our customers share their proposals stories, their wedding & anniversary photos with us all the time! It's the best feeling in the world to make something that is a part of their special occasion. 

I am introducing new gemstones, moissanite diamond and hand crafted designs all the time! I hope you enjoy the designs I am so passionate about and I hope I can create something special for you! 

Thank you for stopping by to get a little glimpse into my little design world! 


Monday, November 18, 2019

2.43 ct. Moissanite Leaf and Twig Engagement Ring - Yellow Gold Wedding Band

Leaf and Twig Engagement Ring
Leaf & Twig Engagement Ring

Item Details:
Handmade Engagement Ring
Solid Gold
Moissanite Diamond

14k carat Solid Gold Moissanite Engagement Ring
Leaf and Twig Engagement Ring
Hand Sculpted and Handmade
Engagement Ring
This ring was hand sculpted by Dawn using the lost wax method. Each leaf was hand sculpted and placed on the twig vines and then cast in 14k Gold (shown).

Top Width: 10.60mm
Bottom Band Width: 2.57mm
This ring is available in 14k and 18k Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold.

Moissanite Engagement Ring
2.43 Carat Moissanite Diamond

The Forever One Moissanite diamond is a 2.43 DWT (3.78 grams) Radiant Cut Moissanite Diamond.

Size: 9mm x 7mm
Description: Colorless; eye clean; excellent brilliance; good cut; good polish

Note: Certified Authentic Forever One comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Charles & Colvard is the original creator of moissanite. The process is lengthy, complicated and expensive, which limits the output—it takes two to three months for the creation of a single gem. Charles & Colvard’s manufacturing process and years of expertise in creating the gemstone.