Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Wine, Women, & Music" Gallery Opening

Have a glass of wine with me tomorrow night and lets enjoy this wonderful evening!

Andre Christine Gallery Art Opening: Saturday February 11, 6-9pm

"Wine, Women, & Music"

Show opens with forty eight paintings and a reception to meet the artists.

Wine tasting with World Premier wines, and live music by
"The Greenhouse Jazz ensemble" Introducing glass blower David Goldhagen's incredible glass sculptures, and new to the sculpture garden is Robert Winkler "Winding Out" this large Cedar sculpture is very clever and uniquely done.
The gallery has seven new painters showing in this show, as well as Jewelry Designer Dawn Vertrees introducing a new collection of pieces exclusive to the gallery. Come join us for an evening of art, and music at 148 Ervin Road, Mooresville, N.C. 28117 Gallery hours are Tues- Sat. 10-5 visit our website:

Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Koi Cuff

Some may say my fins are finished, but nope..only a third there.
My fins will have some awesome flips in these.

Cool Wavy Fins...I'm having a blast!

 I'm trying to create a graceful movement with the Koi's fins yet keeping the cuff comfortable at the same time.

The detail in this cuff will be over the top, from it's fins to the texture of the scales on the Koi's back.
I'm finding that I like to keep around 3-6 projects going on at the
same time and at least 15 "to-do" projects on my mind...I think it's because of a couple of things, first my fingers get tired from
doing repetitive movements, such as scraping, carving, or making way too may dots or holes. 
Two...some designs require
designing while sculpting and this piece is a good the brain needs a rest, third, ADHD!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Egyptian Concept...

Egyptian Cuff
My concept is to have an Egyptian Column wrapping around my customers 
wrist but with an open Lotus design between the two top column, unfortunately,
my design looks like a fancy keg of beer and the side view of the cuff looks like a cupcake...thank goodness I can sculpt better than I can draw.  Anyway, I choose the
Lotus because of it's connection to the Egyptians and because it's Egypt's National Flower
which I thought was unique plus it's a beautiful flower.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fusion Ocean Jewelry

This most unusual designed ring defies definition. It's organic, yet un-natural, it's twisted, yet so sophisticated. The contrasting textures of the gnarly starfish tentacles wrapping around a ring shank of smooth, highly polished fan coral, combine in a look and feel we call "Fusion".

If you like unusual...but with a twist, this ring is for you!

Available in 6, 7, & 8
Available on Etsy