Saturday, April 11, 2015

Imperial Topaz Leaf and Twig Ring

I may not give this one up.

Number 1 Reason...Topaz is my birthstone plus I have ditched the typical prong concept and use my leaves as prongs which allow this design to be totally organic. Everything has a natural organic look, from the uncut raw imperial topaz stone to sculpting the ring to mimic Twigs, stems and leaves...just beautiful.

Sterling Silver
Uncut 9mm x 12mm Imperial Topaz
Mohs Scale: 8
Current size is 6 3/4 
Free US Shipping

Leaf, Twig, Aquamarine and Tourmaline Gemstone Ring

While my Amethyst Ring is being made, I've been working on a few more rings for men & women.

This is a Leaf & Twig design wax model ready to cast. It has a 18mm x 8mm curved Aquamarine Stone that just sparkles. The stone actually is curved which lead me to create this design. 

Mohs scale (diamonds being 10) is a 7.5 to 8 out of 10 which is awesome for this ring because I did not create a typical setting which is not typical of me nor is have the sides of the ring being identical. 

At this time, it's a size 13 but can be sized before casting.
Cast in Sterling Silver $520
Free US Shipping

While in the same mode, below I have sculpted a women's Leaf & Twig Ring with a
raw crystal 15mm x 6mm Blue Tourmaline with a Mohs Scale of 7-7.5

At this time, it's a size 8 but can be sized before casting.
Cast in Sterling Silver $295
Free US Shipping

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hand Sculpted Dolphin Wine Charm cast in White Bronze

I can not take all of the credit for creating the ultimate wine charm. Claysie, an artist herself wanted to create a removeable charm that wrapped around the stem of a wine glass. She loves the ocean so we started with the Dolphin...who doesn't love dolphins? Claysie's next challenge for me...a Sailfish that will also wrap around the stem of a wine glass.

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To clean the glass, simply twirl the dolphin off. 

Materials: White Bronze
Size: 2 tall x 1 1/4" wide
Fit most stemmed glasses including champagne, wine, martini, and cordial.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Going Organic...I'm getting back to my roots, leaves, twigs and branches.

When I started developing my style 7 years ago, I was into nature. I was living in South Florida and couldn't stop looking at the Banyan Tree, they were beautiful. Beautiful glossy leaves that clustered together and those amazing roots...Once the roots get to the ground, they soak up nutrients and grow faster and thicker. They cover the trunk of the host tree, and their leaves and branches in the canopy block the light from the host. Lacking enough nutrition and light, the host tree eventually dies. Its wood is destroyed by beetles,termites and fungi. Only the hollow space inside the banyan remains. The banyan roots make a huge cylinder, and it stands up perfectly well....what an amazing tree.

As for the Stones...It wasn't until I ran across a site that sold raw, uncut natural stones and the vision came to life.

I wanted that stone to be embraced by nature, whether it's twigs, leaves, a fallen branch or the Banyan tree roots.  

And for this...I'm going ORGANIC again.
My druzy stone embraced by leaves and twigs.
Once cast, their will be an 18" chain attached to the edge of the curved branch.

28mm x 10mm Natural Uncut Amethyst Stone. 
Once completed it will b e cast in Sterling Silver and polished.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Phalaenopsis Orchid Necklace

Mom and the Bride, just beautiful.

Mom is wearing my Phalaenopsis Necklace. It was shipped to England as a surprise 
for her Mom to wear on her wedding day. Needless to say she was taken back by the 
piece her daughter, Lisa gave her.

It's pictures like this that make me so proud of the jewelry I make.

For many years I have hand sculpted Orchids for the American Orchid Society and it's members, I have also commissioned orchid jewelry as well as bronze sculptures to raise money for Orchid Research, and of all of the hundreds of Orchids designed and sculpted by me, this has been my favorite from day one. The Orchid Necklace has been featured in Bay Magazine in Tampa Florida, it has won Best of Show at the Miami Orchid Show as well as Mainsail Art Show in Florida. This necklace is one of my pride and joys that I'm making available on Etsy.

Materials: Sterling Silver with optional 14k or 18k Gold Plating
Adjustable Necklace Fits 16" - 18" 
Important Note: To make this necklace comfortable, it has a hidden hinge behind the bottom orchid, this allows the necklace to flex comfortably when worn.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Jewelry

Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Sterling Silver Leaf Lariat Necklace

New Leaf Lariat Necklace.
Hand Sculpted 24" Leaf Lariat Necklace based on my 2008 Asymmetrical Leaf Design.

Leaves are hand sculpted and will be cast in sterling silver.
Chain will be approximately 2.7mm Flat Sterling Oval Cable Chain
24" total length.

Additional Photos will be added during the wax model process.
Time Frame: 5-6 weeks

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Leaf & Twig Collection (Complete Cllection coming soon)

Leaf & Twig Sterling Silver Necklace
with 1.7mm SS Cable Chain
This simple design allows easy customization such as
stones or a little chirping bird. 

Wax Model

Leaf & Twig Wedding Set with
optional stones or sold separately

Wax Model

Leaf & Twig Sterling Silver Earrings
with Leverbacks added.
Additional sculpting was added to the earrings to
make this curved leaf design flow naturally.

Leaf & Twig Small or Medium
Sterling Silver Cuff

Leaf & Twig Ring
Leaf & Twig Sterling Silver Necklace
with 1.7mm SS Cable Chain

Saturday, December 20, 2014

11 Main

11 Main, Inc. A New Marketplace Of Specialty 

Shops and Boutiques

About 11 Main: As an invitation-only marketplace, 11 Main carefully selects merchants, making some of the best and most differentiated boutiques available to shoppers. The site, currently in beta, features a wide range of products, including one-of-a-kind items, not available at mass merchants and other large e-commerce sites. 11 Main offers shops in a variety of categories including Fashion & Style, Home & Outdoor, Jewelry & Watches, Baby & Kids, Collecting & Art, and Crafts, Hobbies & Toys.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Sea Fan Coral Collection

New Sea Fan Coral Collection

Water Drop Features
Sea Fan Coral Wide Cuff Bracelet
Sea Fan Coral Wide Band Ring
Sea Fan Coral Tear Drop Pendant
Sea Fan Coral Tear Drop Earrings
Sea Fan Coral Narrow Wide Cuff Bracelet
Sea Fan Coral Pinky Dome Ring
Please use our Contact Page to find out more 
about our new Sea Fan Collection.