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Thursday, April 24, 2008

I would like to introduce my husband...Don Vertrees

No, this isn't my husband but this is what he made for me last night. I was blown away on how he took immediately to the tools, technique and so many jump rings to make up this beautiful Handmade Byzantine Chain.

I wanted to create a totally hand made necklace which include the Toggle, Bail, Pendant and yes, the chain and Don has made this possible for me.

Not only is the Byzantine a beautiful chain but every link is perfect. Before Don started he wore out the book store and the Internet making sure that once he had the right tools in his hands...he could produce this necklace in his sleep and guess what? HE DID!

I am just so excited that I have my own Byzantine Chains but now I have my work cut out for me...designing a pendant that will compliment his beautiful work.