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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Orchid Spray with a 10.5 Freshwater absolute favorite!

I'm not sure where to start with this one...

I had one of my clients to come in and show me her beautiful pearls for me to make her a Leaf Pendant to add to her pearls...her pearls were 11.5mm and had to be custom made and I had just pulled this ring out of the tumbler, cut sprue still there and of course no stone and she looked at it and said...I want it!

Well this is the second time I have made this ring and it's the second time they have sold within 2 hours. It's hard to photograph all of the detail in this ring...but it has 4 detailed Phalaenopsis Orchids with small buds, some slightly opened along with a few closed buds and the leaves intertwined between the stems and buds.

Well when she picked it up this morning...(I did not want to give it up) she was so tickled, then she hugged me...and held her hand out the whole time saying I love this ring. Again...she was very happy. Thank goodness her husband was with her because someone had to drive!

Well needless to say...I will be making a third one and if anyone is interested, call me. The cost on this piece is $349.00 It's all Argentium (the good stuff) Sterling Silver 925 with a 10.5mm white (not dyed) White Freshwater Pearl and comes in a lovely gift box to give or to keep!

For Additional Photos or to purchase my next one...Click Here!