Custom Designs

The options for custom design are limitless!  You see something Dawn has already done but you want it in a different metal?  DONE!  You see something Dawn has done but you want a different stone? DONE!  Perhaps you are allergic to silver, gold, bronze, peanuts, and you are a vegan?  Dawn will make it in mashed potatoes!  (We are kidding about that, we just wanted to see if you were still paying attention.) Maybe you see something Dawn has done but you want it tweaked a little… pretty much done!  Or maybe you just really love Dawn’s work and you want to make it a custom one of a kind BIG sculpture you can hang on your wall… she can do that too!  I can honestly say that Dawn is the most accommodating, easiest Artists that you can work with.  She has done so many custom, one of a kind, and exclusive designs for (some very lucky) people all over the world.  And the beauty is that she doesn't know limits.  So what ever it is that you might want, please don't hesitate to contact me so we can make it happen.

Custom Request

PS  Please check our Home Page often so you can see some of the very cool custom ideas that are works in progress or are completed.

Susan's Custom Cattleya Necklace

Bridgett's Calla Lily Cuff

Kristy's Watch

Here are just a few of the drawings that I have developed for my customers. Every design started with a phone call or a simple e-mail request showing a favorite flower. Once you give me an idea about what you are wanting, I will either sketch it out or sometimes I'll have a clear picture in my head and I'll start sculpting the wax and then photograph the wax model to see if we are on the same page.

Once you are happy with the outcome, a 50% deposit is required to begin. The remaining 50% is due upon completion, and prior to shipping.

Turn around time for such pieces is from 6-10 weeks, depending on the design.

I will make every effort to work with you on your one-of-a-kind piece. The design will be based on your preferences as well as my“style” as shown on my blog: or my pieces shown in on Etsy or 11 Main.

My Process:

Each piece is designed and hand sculpted by me, using the lost wax method. I have found that working in wax allows me to model the fine details that I see in nature into my work. I can use an assortment of waxes and different tools to get the look and feel I want. Because wax is so “workable”, I’m able to achieve a far higher level of realism than I can with any other medium.

We look forward to working with you.

Dawn Vertrees
(704) 775-5450
{monday-friday 9:00am to 5:00pm  est}


Now...just a few wedding pics from Victoria's and Patrick's Wedding...

I designed the Fan Coral Pendant using a White South Sea Pearl with a 14k Starfish.
Perfect theme for their Burmuda Wedding.

These are the matching Fan Coral Earrings she wore.

Her Bridesmaids wore matching Fan Coral Pendant with a small Silver Starfish.