Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ocean Reef Sea Fan Coral Cuff Bracelet

Sea Fan Coral Cuff Bracelet

This has been floating in my head for some time, I guess it just needed to let the design spill out so that I can add some more designs to my brain, I guess I have limited space up there. My teacher told me once, I needed to get crackin' on the sketches! He told me, I was going to go broke if I tried to make every one of my designs that I came up with.

So while I'm in the drawing mode, I have at least 5 different hinge options available for this piece...I think the next thing I'll draw, are all of my hinge options. Being taught by a Master Jeweler from Germany is that they are all about the functioning details...he loved the mechanics of jewelry making.

He didn't teach me how to design or how to carve wax, that's was already in me but he did teach me about all the different ways a piece of jewelry could be made and that was priceless.