Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Twig Project

I'm in the process of starting a month long sculpting project called "Twig" at this time.
This project will be a-one-of-a-kind which will include a necklace, two cuffs, two earrings (post & hoop style) wedding ring set, wide band, etc.

There will be small flowers incorporated into the design which may consist of Gold and/or enameling. Everyday, I'll update the status of my project. I hope you'll enjoy seeing how this project comes together.
So this is where it starts...
...and this is what I'm staring at...
...and several times a day, I'll show you where I get to.

Well after about two hours this is where I'm at, I'm laying out the design.
Although you can see the depth of the wax, it's very 3-deminsional.
Twigs don't grow flat so some of the twigs are actually
coming towards me as I sculpt them.
I want stones on the tips of some of the twigs while other tips will have buds, so I'll have to make sure I can flutter my stones evenly while sculpting the wax.
...OK, back at it.
hmmm... was missing a twig.

Now is a good time to walk away for a while and start on the twig chain...I want to follow through on all the way to the back. So I will be sclpting the chain to match the twig. Once that's completed, I'll go back and work on the necklace twiggie texture and buds.

I know I'm going to add flowers...what kind is going to be fun.