Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Citrine & Hal Together

"Hal & Citrine"

Once I put "Hal" my larger "Phala" Orchid up to the Citrine Nuggets...I knew they were meant to go together. This is a elegant combination.

Hal is a little over 1.5" across and sandbasted giving this orchid a soft glow, plus we highlighted the edges which outlines each part of this beautiful flower.

The Citrine Nuggets are 18mm x 13mm and have a rich gold tone to them with slight inclusions.

I have added a Sterling Silver Enhancer to the "Phala" Orchid making this necklace very versatile. You can wear the necklace with or with the Orchid or you can attach the Orchid to one of your existing necklace.


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